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Excessive weight is a potential cause of so many problems, physically and aesthetically. physically, obesity could lead to some serious health-related problems such as diabetes and hypertension. Similarly, at the aesthetic level, obesity or excessive weight can significantly impact the appearance of a person which could potentially affect many people in their social interactions. Normally, people rely on conventional tools for losing weight such as dieting and exercise however they work to a limited extent, and they really extensive commitment and devotion which is rare. In this regard, other modern techniques of Weight Loss in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia come into effect and play a critical part. Some of them are direct- removing the fats directly from underneath the skin. whereas, some others such as bariatric surgeries, offer an indirect way to trigger weight loss. These techniques are useful because of their efficacy and the lower level of risk involved in the treatment.


These kinds of weight loss treatments are beneficial for a variety of reasons. Firstly, direct methods such as liposuction offer quick, effective, and long-lasting solutions to the problem of obesity. Secondly, indirect methods such as bariatric surgeries are reversible and can easily be corrected over some time. Thirdly, all these procedures are relatively safer and have a very short downtime as compared to other surgical procedures.


The results of weight loss treatments vary on the type of technique that is used. Some techniques that use a direct method produce immediate results that can be noticed whereas others rely upon an incremental method in which change occurs gradually and takes months. Besides this, for indirect methods of weight loss, it’s crucially important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and reasonable eating habits. Otherwise, the desired results can’t be achieved.

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 weight-loss-in-Riyadh-Saudi-Arabia Best weight-loss in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia weight-loss Clinic in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia

Ideal Candidate:

if you’re an adult having a seriously problematic BMI (body mass index) it’s advisable to get one of these treatments as soon as possible. In case you’re not healthy and have a medical condition that could seriously be affected by the surgical procedure or it couldn’t withstand the treatment, you may be advised against this.

Treatments Offered at the Clinic:

The following surgical Procedures are offered by a metabolic surgeon for Weight loss Clinic in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia:

Gastric banding:

A silicone band apparatus is applied around the tummy during a laparoscopic procedure to decrease its capacity. The band’s contraction can be tightened or released by filling a port located in the abdomen’s surrounding tissues with a different amount of liquid.

Gastric Plication:

Gastric plication is the most recent type of surgery for treating obesity. The portion of the tummy is tucked in during this laparoscopy procedure, and two rows of sutures are used to hold it in place. The internal capacity of the tummy is decreased with this surgery to roughly a 1/3 to a quarter of its initial size. The patient only puts a small meal in this altered stomach, thus even after a small serving, fullness sets in quickly.

Gastric Balloon:

Endoscopically, the inflatable is introduced into the stomach. For comfortability, only a little sedation is necessary. No cuts are required. Using a specially designed tool, the uninflated balloon is inserted via the mouth and into the tummy. The same tool that was used to implant the inflatable will fill it with saline solution once it has been properly positioned. The surgeon will choose the appropriate balloon size based on the specifics of each patient.

Gastric Bypass:

A small stomach pouch is made during this treatment, and a small intestinal segment is then surgically connected to the pouch. Bypassing this permits food to pass through a segment of the small intestine and the stomach’s main remaining section. It significantly reduces the amount of meal that can be consumed at once by forming a smaller gastric pouch, making you feel full more quickly. It also results in a reduction in the number of calories your body absorbs by skipping a section of the small intestine. Additionally, this surgery modifies the body’s hormone levels, which have been related to obesity.

Choose a Good Weight Loss Clinic?

weight loss techniques usually involve surgical procedures and include cuts and incisions. therefore, it’s very important to get this treatment right under the supervision of experts and professionals. Before choosing the clinic it’s important to keep the following things in mind: 

  • Make sure you have gone through the website of the clinc and its reviews available online, 
  • Take a closer look at the description of the medical staff, their academic and professional experience, and their track record,
  • Make sure the clinic has good customer service available and your questions and concerns are effectively answered.

Side Effects:

Because these procedures are normally carried out in a very sterile environment under the supervision of professional practitioners, it’s highly unlikely that one experiences some side effects. However, in some cases, nausea or numbness could happen but these side effects are short-lived and they go away soon.

Cost o Weight Loss:

The average cost of treatments at a Weight loss Clinic in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia ranges from AED 10,000 to AED 20,000. The actual price of the procedures varies for each patient as it depends on several variables like the type of surgery carried out by the surgeon, its complexity of it, and the surgeon’s experience and expertise. The final cost is decided by the surgeon after a detailed checkup of the patient.

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