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Xanthelasma are the yellow  patches of cholesterol deposition around the eyelid

They are sometimes bumpy or sometimes flat they look very bad they are harmless and even painless most likely people with high blood pressure diabetes or high cholesterol carrying are most prone to develop this condition often obese people do experience this condition due to cholesterol deposition all over the body but keep in view the aesthetic concern of this condition it must be removed or treated and there are a lot of treatment options for its removal the main and most important one is the surgical attempt known as Eyelid Xanthelasma Removal in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia it might be the early sign of coronary diseases because those having high cholesterol deposition may lead to heart attack thrombosis or strokes but anyhow it should be managed by either way to encounter both cosmetic or functional issues.


Xanthelasma is a painless or harmless condition of yellow patch formation around the eyelid it doesn’t go on its own it has to be treated it is more common in women than men it usually appears in people who have liver dysfunctioning or mostly obese people who have high cholesterol level there are multiple ways to treat eyelid xanthelasma most common are;

  • Dissolve it with medicines
  • freezing surgery
  • Laser surgery
  • High heat surgery
  • Common skin surgery
  • Chemical peel


Surgical excision is extremely effective to ensure the permanent removal once treated results are safe immediate and outstanding leaving no scar in case of laser surgery.

Ideal Candidates:

Ideal candidates are those;

  • Who have a clear motive or positive expectations regarding xanthelasma removal 
  • Those having good health conditions 
  • People with clear yellow patches around the eyelid

Pre Procedure:

If it is needed to operate xanthelasma through surgery then one must keep some points of instruction like;

  • Check out your health status by taking different lab evaluation test
  • Check out the possibility of any eye issue or vision issue by consulting with the optician 
  • Stop taking other medications related to other conditions
  • Do not come using jewelry
  • Do not come applying makeup to people who are nonsmokers 
  • Visit to doctor to physically examine your eyelid condition or your eyesight before surgery


Once you notice yellow patches around the eyelid you must visit your doctor because it is an early sign of cardiac disease, so it must be treated in time. procedure to remove xanthelasma includes;

  • One of the treatment options is via medicines your doctor will give you lipid-lowering medicines to encounter the issue
  • One option is a surgical procedure your surgeon will make a small incision around the eyelid he will remove fatty deposits or tissues, and close the incision with a dissolvable suture There will be little swelling which will be treated with medicines
  • Another method is laser surgery in this method local anesthesia is applied to the eyes with the help of a laser beam the deposits of fats are targeted without affecting the surrounding skin leaving behind little scars or swelling which will take a week to settle
  • One simple method is chemical cauterization; it involves the application of local anesthesia then a chemical is applied on fatty deposits to burn out the damaged or affected tissue leaving normal cells behind.
  • The last and most effective method is cryotherapy a freezing phenomenon that uses liquid nitrogen directly to fatty lump to diminish the xanthelasma without the application of anesthesia 


Aftercare included;

  • Avoid sun exposure in heated rooms or sunbath
  • Swelling or bruising may happen use ice packs to avoid it
  • Try to lose weight to prevent reoccurrence
  • Exercise daily to lose weight
  • Do not apply makeup topical cream cleanser or massage
  • Do not wash your face
  • Do not apply makeup 
  • Do not use blood thinner medicines
  • Use healthy food items and take plenty of water
  • Do not go for any facial treatment
  • Avoid swimming
  • Do not lift heavy objects
  • Clean and dry the area treated


It offers several benefits;

  • It helps to make the facial appearance good
  • It fulfills the aesthetics concern
  • It increases self-confidence.
  • It enhanced self-esteem
  • It is safe and effective
  • It is painful Less
  • Has minimum recovery time
  • Results are immediate and durable
  • It restores the facial smoothness back


Little risks are associated;

  • Swelling 
  • Bruising
  • Inflammation


The cost of the procedure varies depending upon the length of the xanthelasma time taken by the procedure and method chosen for removal as well as the hospital location and practitioners’ performance according to their knowledge.

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