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In non-western societies, women’s health is not given as much importance as it requires. Particularly, the issues related to female reproductive health are too serious to be ignored. Societal factors play an important role in women not sharing their issues related to the reproductive tract and they tend to avoid the doctor. However, this negligence has some serious negative implications. For example, a small cyst or infection that could be removed or cured at its beginning might turn into a cancerous tumor or infection that does irreparable damage and may result in death. Therefore, the role of Obstetrics & Gynecologists in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia is very important and it needs to be publicized and normalized in the social and public settings. Not only these practitioners could offer some valuable advice but they could also treat some serious health conditions as well.

Who are Gynecologists?

Gynecologists are medical professionals who develop their expertise in dealing with female reproductive health. They are primarily trained to diagnose and treat medical conditions related to women’s reproductive tract. These body parts include the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tube, and breasts.

They examine reproductive parts of the female body, carry out tests for different diseases i.e. cancer, and treat vaginal infections. They also deal with the issues of infertility and cysts that hamper the normal functioning of female reproductive parts. Some gynecologists specialize in the area of pregnancy and birth-related complications and are therefore called obstetricians.

When to Consult a Doctor?

Women need to visit a woman’s specialist if they suffer from any of the following conditions

  • Symptoms of Menopause
  • Dark or pigmentated private areas
  • Sagging or loose vagina
  • Dryness in the vagina
  • Discharge that seems abnormal or causes itchiness
  • Vaginismus or painful intercourse
  • Vaginal infection
  • Irregularities in the menstrual cycle
  • Changes in the appearance of the vagina


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What are the Benefits of the Treatment?

For women who are worried about their sexual lives and how they look in their intimate moments of closeness, these treatments are quite beneficial. These treatments are helpful to women for a variety of reasons. For instance, it enhances the appearance of their genitalia and their function, which boosts their self-esteem and how they view themselves. Additionally, these treatments produce a healthy sexual life, which would not necessarily be as enjoyable without them. Finally, these treatments are reasonably priced and efficient.

Who can get the Treatment?

Any woman can receive treatment from an Obstetrics & Gynecologists in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia if she wishes to enhance both the function and appearance of her genitalia. To determine whether the patient is qualified for the operations, their general health is first assessed. The women should ideally not have a history of conditions or illnesses that could influence the course of treatment. The operations should not be performed on pregnant or nursing women.

Types of Gynecologists

There are two main types of fields:


The female reproductive system, which consists of the fallopian tubes, vagina, cervix, ovaries, uterus, and vulva, is the focus of the gynecologist’s surgical training. A gynecologist diagnoses and treats issues with menstruation, sexuality, menopause, contraception, and infertility; the majority of gynecologists also offer prenatal care, although others also offer primary care.  


The external genital region is the primary focus of cosmetic gynecology, a highly skilled field. It refers to the methods used to redesign the female private parts’ look and functionality. It is primarily used to tighten and rejuvenate the external appearance of the vagina as well as to increase and restore the tone of the external genital areas. This approach is popular among women because it helps them feel better about how they look and how their appearance influences their sexuality and other aspects of their lives.

Treatments offered by the Doctor

Several treatments are offered at the Royal Clinic to address the issues faced by women regarding their sexuality. These include:

  • Treatment for Dryness and Atrophy
  • PRP for Vagina
  • Fillers for enhancement of Vagina
  • Hormonal Replacement Therapy
  • Femilift
  • Contraception
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • Vaginal Radiofrequency
  • Monsplasty
  • Hoodplasty

How to choose the best Gynecologist?

As mentioned earlier, the issues related to the female reproductive organs are very sensitive and dangerous. Therefore, one needs to choose a gynecologist with extreme caution. The gynecologist should be chosen after detailed research. Several things are needed to be considered before choosing a gynecologist for consultation or treatment:

  • One needs to make sure that the practitioner you’re consulting with is highly qualified (in the relative field of gynecology) and has a good track record.
  • It’s important to look into their online reviews or if one could approach patients physically who have had consultations with that doctor before,
  • Moreover, one needs to take care of the fact that the clinic provides all the necessary information regarding the procedures and equipment that are available in a particular facility, and
  • Finally, it’s important that the medical and nonmedical staff treats you with respect and answers your questions and concerns when needed.

Insurance Coverage

The insurance companies usually cover the consultation with the doctors, and the treatments they offer, that are in the network. The coverage depends on the nature of the treatments. The medically important procedures are usually covered however the expense of aesthetic procedures is not.


The average cost to get the treatments from Obstetrics & Gynecologists in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia ranges from AED 799 to AED 44,999. The final cost of each treatment varies for each individual depending on their current condition, desired results, and the methods adopted by the gynecologists. The expertise of the doctor, the number of required sessions, and the clinic’s reputation also impact the price of the treatments. The skincare specialist determines the cost after a detailed consultation and analysis of the patient’s condition.

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