Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction in Riyadh Price & Cost

Turbinate and septum is term generally used to indicate the cartilaginous plate in the wall of nasal cavity and septum is central line which distinguish or separate two turbinates of nose it is a central progressing line at which the nose can separated in two equal halves when there is a disorder occurs in nasal septum and disturb the nasal alignment a condition arises known as deviated septum this deviated septum will eventually change the symmetry or balance of the nose apparently and functionally it blocks the air passageway and person will feel difficulty to breath as a result internal luning and tissues of nasal cavity may swell due to congestion there are several medicines used now a days to encounter the issue but when there will be no significance outcome achieved surgery is needed and that surgery is referred to as Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia reduction this involves the reduction in curved and deviated septum or minimizing the large turbinates it is conducted under general anesthesia.


Septoplasty and turbinate reduction is a common nasal surgery that involves reducing or straightening the deviated septum or reducing the size of the turbinate, it is usually conducted to aid in either of the reasons cosmetic or functional people sometimes don’t have any functional disorder but to present them beautiful they look forward to remove the curved bone of the nose and make it straight to gain full confidence and to restore self-esteem this treatment is helpful in the following conditions

  • Curved or deviated septum
  • Bleeding through nose
  • Nasal congestion 
  • Any facial pain
  • Any deformity due to injury


The results of the procedure are remarkably promising and outstanding. It is done in the proper surgical way under general anesthesia, The results are permanent, and immediate sometimes depending upon the time taken by the cartilage and bone to restore the new changes and healing of the incision.

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Ideal Candidate:

The ideal status of the candidates for a particular procedure depends upon the degree of deviation or appearance or outlook of the person but the final recommendation in terms of suitability can be only finalized by the surgeon .ideal candidates are those who have

  • have a clear deviated septum
  • Do not have any history of allergy
  • Overall good medical health
  • Do not have any serious medical complaints or history 
  • Are not taking any medication already 
  • Who gave a positive attitude and approach toward surgery 
  • Nonsmoking individual 
  • Who doesn’t have any sleep disturbance due to deviated septum
  • Those who do not have compromised respiratory condition 
  • Who can manage medication prescribed in response to surgery

Pre Procedure:

Pre-operative instructions that  must be taken into consideration before attempting surgery are

  • Get your lab evaluation done to check your suitability status against a particular procedure
  • Stop smoking some days before surgery 
  • Take a good and healthy balanced diet to regulate your body
  • Take plenty of water to keep you hydrated
  • Avoid taking any blood-thinning medicines or necessary painkillers to avoid complication
  • Avoid taking homeopathic naturopathic or herbal products for any other ongoing cause 


It is a surgical procedure of reshaping, reducing, straightening, and trimming the deviated septum along with enlarged turbinates. It is a complex procedure and almost takes one hour to complete. the following steps are involved.

  • It is an invasive procedure so the patient is given anesthesia to leave him asleep for some time
  • After that, the position to be treated is finalized to initiate the incision this all happens internally 
  • The doctor will place a small cut in your nose to lift the mucosa that covers the septum and prevent injury 
  • After that provider will reshape your nose by even cutting a small portion of your deviated cartilage bone and making it straight
  • After repositioning of bony structure your provider will place the mucosa at the place where it gets fixed or back to the septum
  • Then your provider will place soft packing to hold the nasal tissue at their place to prevent nose bleeding.
  • Your nose will be stitched with melted stitches which go on their own.

Recovery Time:

Soft packings are removed after a week stitches will be dissolved swelling will disappear two weeks after the procedure and recovery will be achieved in two months


Strict aftercare instructions are needed to be followed to prevent any damage. aftercare included

  • Do not touch rub or massage your nose
  • Avoid blowing or sneezing on the nose
  • Try to keep your nose dry
  • Do not apply pressure on the nose
  • Sleeping direction should be in a way to avoid any complication
  • Avoid sun exposure
  • Avoid driving in the first two weeks
  • Do not go for harsh exercise
  • Avoid lifting or displacing heavy objects 


This is highly beneficial surgical procedures offer a lot of significant advantages it is helpful,

  • Keep you away if sinuses
  • Help your nose run during the flu
  • Give you an accurate appearance 
  • Enhance the shape of the nose to make you beautiful 
  • Reduce the breathing issues caused by deviated septum
  • Nasal bleeding is stopped
  • Septoplasty lets you take a night’s sleep completely
  • Keep you away from sore throat
  • Reduce or minimize the throat related issues like tonsillitis, pharyngitis
  • Increase respiratory efficiency and make your lungs more active and strong
  • Enhances the air passageway for complete ventilation 
  • It is long-lasting safe and effective
  • It is a permanent and long-lasting surgical procedure


There are a small number of associated risk

  • Wound swelling
  • Infection at the treated size
  • Bruising
  • Redness


This is the most frequently performed surgical procedure cost ranging from 10000SAR-20000SAR depending upon the care system efficiency, experience of the surgeon, and knowledge of the provider of the procedure.

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