Breast Cancer Screening in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia Cost & Price

Early detection greatly improves the chances of successful treatment and favorable outcomes. It involves taking blood tests and X-rays. As well as other detection methods are there to know what currently happening inside your body. The same is done for detecting the presence of cancer in the breast with the help of different methods of Breast Cancer Screening in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia.

Purpose Of Breast Screening:

Breast screening is a medical procedure designed to find early signs of breast cancer or other breast abnormalities, frequently before any symptoms are apparent. Early identification can considerably boost the likelihood that a patient will get effective care and recover.

Ideal Candidate:

The following qualities are often present in the best candidates for breast cancer screening:

  • Usually falls between the 40–50 age range, which is the beginning point for screening.
  • Has a personal history of cancer, genetic mutations, or other risk factors such as a family history of breast cancer.
  • Actively seeks early detection for improved treatment results and is aware of the advantages and limits of screening.

Pre Procedure:

Pre-procedure preparation for breast cancer screening is getting ready for the screening technique you’ll use. What to anticipate before breast cancer screening methods is described in general here.

  • Make an Appointment: Make an appointment for a mammogram by contacting a medical facility.
  • It is often suggested to avoid applying deodorant, lotion, or powder to the chest region on the day of the mammography. These things could obstruct your vision.
  • You’ll need to undress from the waist up, so dress in two pieces.

Methods of Breast Screening:

  • The most used type of breast screening is mammography. In order to find any abnormalities, such as tumors or masses, that might not be noticed during a physical examination, it entails capturing X-ray photographs of the breasts.
  • Breast ultrasound: Sound waves are used in this imaging method to produce pictures of the breast tissue. It is frequently used to look into abnormalities found through physical examinations or mammography further.
  • Clinical breast examination (CBE): A medical expert, such as a doctor or nurse, looks for any lumps, texture changes, or other anomalies in the breasts.
  • Breast MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scans provide precise pictures of the breast tissue by combining strong magnets and radio waves. Mammography and breast MRI may both be employed in specific high-risk situations or circumstances.
  • Breast self-examination (BSE) is the practice of women periodically examining their own breasts to become familiar with their typical look and spot any changes, while it is not seen to be a replacement for professional screenings.


  • Normally, you may return to your regular activities right away following the treatment. Usually, no extra rest or limitations are required.
  • Following a mammography or breast ultrasound, any little pain or soreness brought on by compression or pressure should quickly go away.
  • You could get the findings right away, or you might have to wait for your doctor to go through the photos and give you the results, depending on the facility and the approach.
  • Your healthcare practitioner will advise you on any required follow-up actions, such as further testing or visits with experts if any anomalies or concerns are found during the screening.

Always keep in mind that the best person to ask about aftercare and any worries you might have following a breast cancer test is your healthcare practitioner.


  • Early cancer detection increases the effectiveness of treatment.
  • Surgery can be performed less invasively with early diagnosis.
  • Regular screening offers comfort and preventative care.
  • Breast cancer mortality is decreased with screening.
  • Less aggressive therapies are necessary for early-stage malignancies.
  • encourages education and improved medical procedures.
  • Early cancer detection can lower medical expenses.
  • A larger range of therapy options is available with early identification.
  • Early intervention reduces the negative effects on well-being.
  • More people survive when the disease is discovered early.


The type of screening technique utilized, the medical center, and any other services offered can all affect the price of Breast Cancer Screening in Saudi Arabia. In general, the price of a breast cancer screening might include the procedure itself, any accompanying tests or imaging, and consultation fees.

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