Fat Melting Injections in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia Fat Dissolving Cost

Being overweight and obese can increase your risk of having multiple untreated disorders like heart diseases, hypertension, high blood pressure breathing issues diabetes, and many other problems there are multiple ways to reduce weight it can be done by regular exercise, drinking detox water following a diet plan, etc but when it all doesn’t work appropriately then there is another method of eliminating extra weight which is not natural but can give you the best result that innovative nonsurgical method of reducing weight is Fat Melting Injections in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia it has a difference-making and dramatic impact on the human body in this method the injections are inserted directly which breaks fat tissue that can be excreted out of the body by metabolic pathway.

Treatment :

It works efficiently at the targeted site only when it is administered it does not spread throughout the body or not show action against fat deposition in another body part. the area treated by fat injection includes,

  • Chin area 
  • The area around the neck
  • Jawlines area


This treatment works gradually to produce good results in a minimum period you have to take several sessions to initiate melting the stubborn deposited fat and once you achieve the result make sure you are eating a good and balanced diet. otherwise gone fat will restart depositing there.

Ideal Candidates:

Ideal candidates included those who are

  • Obese and overweight people
  • People who are passionate about their aim
  • Who is suffering from another medical health issue due to obesity
  • Those who are not responding to diet and exercise.

Pre Procedure:

It is important to keep in mind before attempting the procedure,

  • Use plenty of water to avoid dehydration
  • Use healthy meals some hours before the procedure
  • Stop taking any medication you are using for any other medical purpose
  • Stop taking anti-inflammatory steroidal drugsProcedure:

The process is also known as lipolysis it contains a special chemical when injected works only at the site of injection mainly only the fat of the injecting area and the surrounding fat cell specifically, the chemical inside the injection is carbocyclic acid this procedure need the application of local anesthesia at the marked area under the chin after the induction of the chemical fat cell starts to degenerate at their own and eliminate out of the body by the metabolic pathway.

After Care:

Aftercare is very much necessary to ensure the success of the procedure.

  • Do not go in direct heat
  • Do not do harsh exercise 
  • Avoid lifting and doing exercise
  • Do not wash your with any cleanser 
  • Do not massage your face 
  • Do not rub a towel at the site of treatment.


Obesity leads to many disorder, it must be reduced to prevent multiple health issue, fat melting injections after producing their full action resolve many problem,s and produce revolutionary benefits in the body that includes;

  • Tummy become flattered 
  • Thighs also get reduced
  • Multiple obesity-related issues get solved like coronary disease arterial obstructions GIT upset, liver dysfunctioning 
  • A person looks smart and attractive 
  • Reduce double chin 
  • Smart arms
  • It solved breathing issues
  • It maintains the overall health of the body 
  • It promotes good secretions 
  • Bring balance to the hormonal release
  • They are safe to use and effective in their result 


  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Infection at the injection site

These all are temporary side effects gone after some time on their own.


The cost of the procedure ranges between AED- AED- sometimes varies depending upon the severity of the symptoms, the choice of the clinic, and the quality and purity of the ingredients consumed.

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