Voluma Filler for Cheek & Lips in Riyadh Juvederm Voluma Price

Voluma fillers come under the category of dermal fillers they have immense power of inducing anti-aging effects they have denser consistency comparatively and they are also made up of hyaluronic acid. its main function is to provide volume to the whole face and work very differently in promoting and enhancing the cheeks area. They have a variety of boosting functions but mainly involve pumping the cheeks These fillers work appropriately and have outstanding efficiency in contouring the face so they to best understand the way one can get the better result from volume fillers in terms of making the sagging cheeks bumpy the Voluma Filler in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia is the best line of choice.


One of the best fillers that are FDA-approved works best to restore the lost volume of the face. Voluma fillers also come under the class of injectables used to restore the facial volume just by increasing the release of hyaluronic acid which is the main component of skin tissues. treatment  area includes 

  • Cheeks
  • Jawlines


Results are very prompt and appropriate as it is a nonsurgical method of treatment so it is exclusively beneficial to enhance the cheekbones.

Ideal Candidates:

The best candidates for volume fillers are. those who;

  • are aged 
  • lost volume issues, 
  • saggy cheeks, and
  •  flat jaws.
  • Nonsymmetrical facial  outline
  • Want to restore skin volume
  • Those who are not satisfied  with their skin texture
  • Who wants to finish lines and wrinkles

Pre Procedure:

Getting ready for any dermal procedure is itself an exciting experience but there are strict guidelines that have to be followed.

  • Avoid taking alcoholic drinks or any other drink which is not safe for any procedure
  • Do not take any therapeutic action producing or herbal medicines that act as a blood thinner that will not be suitable for the procedure
  • Your practitioner should know your health status you should not be pregnant or breastfeeding at the time of treatment
  • Your dermatologist must know about your history of pre-medications 
  • You should not be on  radiation therapy at the time of procedure
  •  Do not take much spicy food and salty food and oily food


The procedure of filers to the skin is very simple it is to be the dermatologist who is conducting this procedure has good knowledge of the chemical used and has full expertise to initiate this procedure the points where the injections are to be injected marked with the pen, after cleaning the face carefully the injections are administered at the marked site this will take around 20 minutes.

After Care:

Some instructions are necessary to be followed strictly after the procedure.

  • Do not wash your face with any cleanser and face wash until needed
  • Do not massage your face after the procedure
  • Do not apply makeup or any skin cream or topical solution to the face
  • Avoid taking exercise 
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight 
  • Do not apply pressure on the face
  • Avoid hot baths and do not go to the area where you can experience heating
  • Whenever you are feeling hot on your face try to put a wet cloth or ice piece for gentle cooling
  • Avoid shaving threading or waxing the area treated 
  • Do not take any medicines for any other purpose 


When your skin starts losing texture and volume or whenever there is an appearance of lining on your skin it will get necessary to go for treatment volume fillers come into that category where everyone can go for it without any age restriction and offer multiple numbers of long-lasting benefits and

  • This is the most reliable and perfectly working therapy for face-lifting
  • It aids in increasing hyaluronic acid which is already the body component that helps you keep your young moisturized and hydrated this volume filler is responsible for increasing their production
  • It is a quick-acting filler that does not take much time to show the result
  • It is safe and effective people from all age groups and skin types can decide to go for it
  • It is a pain-free injection and recovery time is also much fewer people to their normal routine within hours


The average cost of Voluma Filler in Riyadh is not fixed it depends upon different factors depends as the quality of the product used and the working capability of the practitioner involved in conducting the procedure, The cost ranges between SAR 1500 & SAR4000.

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