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Some fats can be removed easily through the body by adopting different nonsurgical adaptations like exercise adaptation, increasing physical activity, using diet plans or water fasting, etc these factors as a result work a lot to eliminate raw fat from the body but sometimes these all factors do not contribute in burning fat tissues that stubborn fat reside inside the body and deposited in the form of pockets in the areas like thigh abdomen stomach hips buttocks neck shoulder or in burn that fat permanently a surgical procedure is introduced that eliminates fat through the body with the help of a special device known as Lipomatic Treatment in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia this is a painless surgery and has a very drastic and revolutionary effect in contouring tightening and smoothing the body posture.


This treatment is very beneficial among all other treatments involves the destruction of fat and its removal on a large scale it is the most popularity gaining treatment because of its benefits because it helps to contour the body by eliminating fat all over the body. It facilitates fat eradication by bringing very minimum or least destruction to skin tone and texture it is one of the important procedures that can be adopted for even a small fat removal from the body it is not even age age-restricted or customized but give very effective results.


The result of this surgery is remarkably outstanding and gives a contoured slim or tight muscle look. It provides immediate and permanent results which last up to a lifetime.

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Ideal Candidate:

This is a surgical procedure so before going to the surgery following things must be cleared to check the person’s ideality for this:

  • one should have good health conditions
  • People with elastic skin or stubborn fat
  • A person must not be suffering from serious or any chronic disease
  • You should not take any medication for any other medical condition
  • You must be a nonsmoker
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers are not good for this procedure
  • People with severe allergies are not a good candidate
  • Those who have lost remarkable weight and saggy tissues all around the body are good candidates 
  • People having a positive  approach toward the procedure

Pre Procedure:

Pre-operative care of diplomatic surgery includes:

  • Get all the lab tests done to check the health status of a person
  • Stop taking different anti-inflammatory drugs or blood thinner medicines to avoid complication
  • Stop smoking 2 weeks before the surgery
  • It is to be estimated how much fat should be eliminated and from which area of the body
  • Selection of anesthesia whether local or general should be used
  • Stop taking meals the night before surgery 
  • Use plenty of water


This is a surgical procedure and an inpatient procedure so it contains the following steps:

  • In the first step, the surgeon will mark the area to be treated with a marker
  • Then Person is given local anesthesia to make him remain unconscious and comfortable
  • small incisions are made to enter the diplomatic device
  • This diplomatic device emits certain waves to break down the fat without hitting the surrounding cells
  • Your surgeon will eliminate the melted fat from the body through the suction process
  • The surgeon will sculpt the area to give a symmetrical shape to the body 
  • Then incision is finally closed with a suture


It is not a weight loss procedure it helps to contour the body surgically so aftercare is very necessary it includes:

  • Take bed rest for several days 
  • Don’t move walk and run
  • Avoid exercise or physical activity
  • You will recover one week after the surgery
  • In case of swelling or bruising use the prescribed medication
  • Don’t lift heavy objects
  • Don’t use solid food items 
  • Use plenty of water to keep you hydrated 
  • Clean the treated area regularly


It is a very beneficial surgery in every respect: 

  • This surgical removal eliminates the targeted fat only
  • It gives a contoured symmetrical tightened and slim look to the person 
  • It brings change in physique without destroying skin tone and texture
  • It gives a natural look to the person
  • It is a permanent safe and effective procedure
  • Its recovery time is small


Very few risks are associated including:

  • Swelling 
  • Bruising
  • Bleeding from wound


The cost of the surgery varies depending upon the amount of fat eliminated from the body time taken to conduct the procedure complexity of the system hospital location and facilities available during the procedure.

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