Gastric Bypass in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia Cost & Price

Over the past several decades, the number of people with morbid obesity has increased. The best course of obesity treatment is still up for debate. Bariatric surgery, however, is currently the widely regarded gold standard treatment for morbid obesity. There are currently many surgical procedures available to treat morbid obesity. Each strategy has benefits and some drawbacks. Mini Gastric Bypass in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia is one of these methods. It is thought to provide similar nutritional results, fewer surgical complications, and perhaps even advantages of accessing the remaining stomach. Read more about the treatment on the page below.

The essence of Treatment:

The procedure is used as a restrictive and malabsorptive treatment to help in the reduction of weight. Obese individuals who have difficulty in losing weight with other techniques benefit from this type of surgery. It is carried out by an experienced surgeon.


Patients who undergo mini bypass typically have rapid weight loss and long-term weight maintenance. One-third of extra weight is lost on average in three months. After that, the process of weight loss slows down and the individual tends to lose around one kilogram of weight every week. Our clients have shown to lose about 2/3rd to 3/4th of the excess weight lost on average after one year.

mini-gastric-bypass Clinic in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia mini-gastric-bypass in Saudi Arabia Best mini-gastric-bypass in Saudi Arabia

mini-gastric-bypass in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia Best mini-gastric-bypass in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia Best mini-gastric-bypass Clinic in Saudi Arabia & Riyadh


  • The time of surgery is comparatively less than compared to standard bypass
  • Obesity-related diseases are less likely to develop after the surgery
  • There is comparatively less risk of complication as the rerouting of the intestines is less
  • The surgery is much easy for the surgeon to perform
  • The surgery is safe and very effective to pace up the individual’s weight loss journey
  • The condition of type II diabetes mellitus is shown to be cured completely after the surgery
  • The surgery is permanent however can be reversed by the surgeon if needed

Ideal Candidate:

  • Someone healthy both mentally and also medically for the surgery
  • An individual who suffers from conditions and diseases that results from being overweight or obese
  • A person who has not been successful in losing significant weight with other treatments or methods
  • Anyone who has an over 40kgs BMI
  • An individual who understands the surgery and the aftercare required
  • Someone who is looking for a treatment that results in long-term weight loss

How does the surgery work?

The Gastric Bypass in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia treats two problems at once. It excludes these processes from the body based on the mechanisms of restriction and malabsorption, the construction of a tube or mini-stomach, and the removal of the intestinal tract from digestion, where carbohydrates and fats are actively absorbed. After surgery, up to 80% of excess body weight is gone, and there is a considerably lower chance that it will come back.


Before performing the surgery, the surgeon and patient have a thorough initial consultation. Following a review of the patient’s medical history to determine whether the tests are appropriate for the treatment, the surgeon may then prescribe tests like ultrasound, ECG, x-ray, blood tests, and so forth. After a complete checkup and deciding on the treatment, the patient is given a list of instructions on how to get ready for the procedure. Among them are guidelines on what to do and what not to do before the procedure. For instance, the patient is advised not to smoke, consume alcohol, take blood-thinning medicines, or any medication that can affect the treatment. The intake of salt and caffeine should also be reduced.


The steps in the mini bypass are provided below

  • First small incisions are made to place trocars on the abdomen to access the internal organs
  • By inserting the devices through the trocars, a small pouch of the stomach is created using endoscopic staples
  • This pouch is reshaped into a long narrow tube serving as a new mini stomach holding only 4 to 6 ounces of food and is attached to the small intestine
  • The rest of the stomach remains in the body and the digestive juices secreted by the stomach are passed down into the intestine
  • The surgeon may also remove some portion of the intestine for the purpose of malabsorption  
  • This reduces the food intake of the patient and a limited amount of food is absorbed by the body making them feel fuller for a longer time

Aftercare and Recovery:

The surgeon gives the patient all the postoperative instructions both before and after the procedure. The healing process takes several weeks, and the patient may need to stay in the hospital for a few days following the operation. All of the doctor’s recommendations should be closely adhered to speed up the healing process.

Side effects:

There are a few side effects that can be experienced by the individual. There are chances of excessive blood loss especially if the person is on blood thinning medications. If not taken care of properly, there can be an infection on the surgical site. If carried out by an experienced surgeon these side effects can be significantly minimized.


A Mini-Gastric Bypass in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia costs between AED 12,999 and AED 19,999. The cost varies based on several variables, including the complexity of the surgical treatment, the surgeon’s experience, and the facility where the surgery is performed. Only after the initial consultation will the doctor decide on the cost.

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