Vaginal Atrophy and Dryness Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia Menopause

Many women suffer from Vaginal Atrophy Dryness in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia, commonly referred to as atrophic vaginitis or vaginal dryness, especially during and after menopause. It happens as a result of a drop in estrogen levels, which can cause the vaginal walls to weaken, dry up, and become inflamed. It is a serious issue in women who need urgent treatment to get relief from this pain. There are multiple different treatments available to the great revolution in gynecology to enhance the appearance and functionality of the vagina.


It can cause a range of uncomfortable symptoms, including:

  • This is one of the most typical symptoms. Reduced vaginal lubrication brought on by low estrogen levels might make sex unpleasant or uncomfortable.
  • Dry and delicate tissues in the vaginal area can itch and burn when stimulated.
  • Vaginal atrophy can also have an impact on the urinary system, causing symptoms including increased frequency, urgency, and even urinary tract infections.
  • Dyspareunia, or painful sex, is caused by vaginal atrophy and can affect a woman’s relationships and sexual health.
  • Some women may notice an increase in their thin, watery vaginal discharge.

Treatments Available:

  • Radiofrequency Therapy: 

Using RF devices to administer regulated heat to the vaginal tissues, collagen formation is encouraged, and vaginal health is improved. Inconvenience and dryness may be lessened as a result.

  • Fractional CO2 Laser Therapy: 

In this minimally invasive therapy, collagen formation in the vaginal tissues is stimulated by a laser. It can promote lubrication, lessen pain, and help vaginal health. It can take more than one session.

  • PRP Therapy: 

In PRP therapy, platelet-rich plasma from your blood is injected into the tissues of the vagina. It is believed to enhance vaginal lubrication and encourage tissue regeneration.

  • Hybrid Fractional Laser Treatment:

Aiming to increase the thickness and suppleness of vaginal tissues, hybrid fractional laser treatment combines RF therapy with fractional CO2 laser therapy.

Hormonal Replacement Therapy:

  • Systemic HRT:

The use of oral pills, patches, or injections to provide estrogen and occasionally progestin to the entire body is known as systemic HRT. The symptoms of vaginal atrophy can be efficiently treated, however, there could be systemic adverse effects.

  • Localized HRT: 

The vaginal region is directly treated with low-dose estrogen treatments such vaginal creams, pills, or rings. This strategy can alleviate vaginal discomfort while having less systemic side effects.


  • Observe the recommended course of therapy from your doctor.
  • Keep an eye on any symptom changes and report them.
  • For natural lubrication, stay hydrated.
  • For hygiene, use gentle, unscented soaps.
  • Stay away from irritants like perfumed items.
  • When having sex, use lubricants.
  • If advised, continue your pelvic floor exercises.
  • To avoid irritation, engage in safe sexual activity.
  • Be honest and transparent with your spouse.


  • Effective post-operative care can reduce discomfort and enhance quality of life by reducing symptoms including dryness, itching, burning, and pain.
  • The problems and infections that might result from untreated vaginal atrophy are reduced.
  • The return of vaginal health and lubrication can be facilitated by proper care and attention to advice.
  • The highest possibility of your selected treatment plan’s success comes from adhering to your doctor’s directions.
  • Self-esteem and emotional well-being can be improved by managing symptoms and getting emotional support.
  • Providing quality aftercare may improve sexual desire and function, as well as closeness.
  • Enhance your sexual relationship with your partner.


The cost of treating vaginal atrophy varies greatly and is impacted by several variables, including the treatment choices selected, one’s location, the source of healthcare, and insurance coverage. The cost of prescription drugs like hormone treatment, and the cost of medical procedures like laser therapy or PRP therapy can also change dramatically. According to an estimate, the cost of Vaginal dryness procedures can vary from Dirham to Dirham.

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