Preauricular Tag Removal in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia Cost

The main cause of war tag formation is congenital once you are confirmed abound ear tag appearance in your child at the time of birth you should concerned about its removal because if it is left untreated for a period of time it becomes the root cause of hearing deformities or impaired hearing it is mostly treated for aesthetical concern because these ear tags are the benign growth of skin and cartilage the other cause of its formation is the early irregular fusion of soft tissue in before birth the cosmetic approach towards it’s removal is done by different methods some time medicines are given and ointment are used for it’s quick removal some time clipping is done at the time of birth by stopping the blood flow it separated apart and when these methods doesn’t find helpful then the surgical approach is carried for the removal of small lesion of skin or cartilage in between cheek or ear is known as Preauricular Tag Removal in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia it is done under the general anesthesia to avoid hearing complications or other aesthetic issues in future.


Preauricular skin tags are generally a genetic abnormality depending upon their growth they are sometimes single double or triple in number. They can be in both men and women, especially old age people tags they can appear in pregnant ladies due to hormonal imbalance often obese people who have skin foldings in the arms neck, and legs also develop these tags the treatment options are several if medicinally they are not treated then clipping is done in the case where tail like structure without bone is present then clipping is done to obstruct blood flow result in dropping of tag or when there is a cartilage present which goes deep inside subcutaneous tissue then the surgical option is availed to get rid of it permanently.


The result of this surgery is amazingly outstanding because of the immediate removal of the tag and restoration of hearing performance. this surgery is safe and requires minimum recovery time.

Ideal Candidates:

Ideal candidates for preauricular surgery are those who;

  • Have good health status and don’t have any serious health issues
  • Those having clear tags in the cheek area ear or behind the ear
  • Those who have a realistic approach to attempting this surgery
  • Newborn child with two or three ear tag
  • People having tags on the neck armpit or any other body part

Pre Procedure:

Tag is mostly removed through surgery to get a permanent and successful result pre-operative instructions included;

  • Get all the lab tests done to evaluate any blood complications or any other disease 
  • You must not suffer from any critical health issue
  • Stop taking any medication whether therapeutic or herbal
  • Clean and dry your ear with antiseptic
  • Stop taking meals 8 hours before the procedure


It is a patient surgical procedure proper admission is needed  so the child is given general anesthesia to initiate the procedure further steps are;

  • After injecting general anesthesia into your child the surgeon will clean your ear with an antiseptic
  • The surgeon will make an incision around the skin tag and remove all the extra skin tag tissues or cartilage
  • The wound is closed with dissolvable sutures 
  • The dressing is applied to prevent wounds from infection


Aftercare of the child is most necessary and is included;

  • The child will feel discomfort or pain after tag removal so give him antibiotics to relieve the pain
  • Give healthy food items mostly liquids for faster absorption
  • Do not let your child go in the sun
  • Do not allow him to play rum walk right after the procedure
  • Proper medication schedule should be followed to avoid post-operative complication 
  • Avoid face washing frequently
  • Take complete bed rest for a faster recovery 
  • Follow-up appointments should be maintained to remove the dressing and to check the scar status with the doctor 


  • It is an excellent safe and permanent procedure 
  • It helps to get rid of hearing issues 
  • By removing the tag you look good and appropriate 
  • It provides self-confidence in appearance and talking


Minimum side effects are seen like;

  • Infection 
  • Bleeding
  • Scar formation


The cost of the procedure varies depending  upon the severity of the symptoms extent of correction required  no of tags to be removed hospital charges time taken to finish the procedure availability of experienced surgeon consultation charges lab evaluation charges etc.

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