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Makeover cosmetic surgery as the name indicates offers a combination of surgeries at a time when many females after pregnancy lose their body shape and breast size with time pregnancy brings progressive changes in weight and causes saggy abdominal tissues and scratch marks on the lower abdominal fold. due to the fluctuation in hormonal secretion breasts start deflating they turn into large-sized saggy and stretch marks are also noticed all changes are irreversible. to improve the body shape and to restore and sustain the body line same as before pregnancy a new phenomenon has been introduced called Make Over Cosmetic Surgery in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia which encounters all pregnancy-related issues and is a combination of treatments.

Treatments :

This is a surgical procedure adopted to ensure the best is the most demanding procedure nowadays and works best to bring perfectly remarkable changes in the human body either present already congenitally or may initiate as a result of any trauma many of the medical conditions that are encountered through makeover cosmetic surgery include

  • Breast lifting
  • Head neck and face lifting
  • Vaginal rejuvenation
  • Tummy tuck
  • Fat liposuction


The result of the procedure depends upon the area chosen to be treated and the severity of the complaint associated. It ensures the best result because it is a surgical procedure that needs time to recover first and then permanent results are expected to appear. 

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Ideal Candidates:

Ideal candidates for makeover cosmetic surgery include both men and women according to their age and complication one can be a good candidate if

  • A person has a good health condition 
  • Do not suffer from any congenital disease
  • Does anyone Have the goodwill to adopt the procedure
  • A person is not allergic to any chemicals or scared of any incision
  • You understand the complications associated with cosmetic surgery and have a positive attitude toward a good outcome

Pre Procedure:

Pre-procedure instructions always indicate the following instructions

  • Discontinue taking alcoholic drinks before surgery 
  • Do not smoke one month before the procedure
  • Do not use any blood-thinning medicine 
  • Avoid taking any other medicine for any other condition


A variety of procedures are present depending upon the area to be contour or reshaped there are multiple procedures including

  • Breast lifting: if due to hormonal changes there comes a problem of deflated breast or oversized breast rejuvenation of breast size color volume and shape is carried out with the help of cosmetic surgery by removing excessive fat or tissues from the breast
  • Vaginal reshaping: it is carried out with the help of labiaplasty in which enlarged vaginal opening including labia majora and labia minora is reduced by the help of vaginoplasty
  • Liposuction: this procedure involves the removal of extra fat from the body by making an incision to that area first This involves the eradication of fat tissues from the chin, thigh armpit, and neck region to contour the body
  • Laser surgery: this involves the use of fillers and injectables at different places in the skin to remove signs of aging lines and wrinkles to make skin flawless and radiant 

After Care:

Aftercare is the most important concern to be acknowledged while going for any cosmetic procedure it involves

  • Avoid sun exposure 
  • Avoid doing exercise
  • Don’t lift the heavy objects
  • Avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs unnecessary painkillers or antibiotics
  • Do not run and walk fast after the procedure 
  • Avoid taking bath
  • Avoid using makeup topical creams lotion cleansers moisturizers 
  • Do not wash your face 
  • Avoid extra movement in case of liposuction and breast lifting surgery


All cosmetic procedures offer multiple benefits that are

  • It enhances your physical confidence to express yourself
  • It improves your mental and physical health and makes you feel good apparently
  • It enhances and improves self-esteem allowing you to become social in your daily routine and maintain your activity with full demand of confidence and courage
  • It helps you manage your routine more elegantly without losing time
  • It provides you comfortable dealing experience with the courage to communicate properly


Every procedure has some risks along with benefits there are very little number of risks that include

  • Inflammation
  • Infection at the wound site 
  • Bruising
  • Redness


The cost of the procedure varies from40,000SAR -80,000SAR  it always depends upon the efficiency of equipment, quality of material and drugs used, and experience of the surgeon and their knowledge of the therapy involved

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