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Our body has tiny small hairs in different areas like the face neck chest tummy thighs etc they can not be removed permanently and they look unpleasant or unattractive to make them invisible different cosmetic strategies present well-known traditional hair bleaching which involves lightening of hair tone but it is not precise in result to stop the growth of these hairs along with making them invisible a modern and latest techniques is used nowadays is known as Laser Hair Bleaching in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia with the use of laser we can limit the hair growth and can make them invisible for several months it works on the strategy of reducing hair pigmentation.


Tiny hairs can be best treated with laser hair bleaching the laser we use in this procedure targets the pigment present in the air without affecting the surrounding cells. It excretes pigments of hair making them invisible it doesn’t cause any harm to the skin and doesn’t cause any skin allergy it leads to the instant result it helps to achieve aesthetic concern and gives a smooth white and fair look to people.


The results of this treatment are drastic and outstanding this technique instantly removes hair pigmentation and makes them is safe and effective because it doesn’t cause any allergies and it is harmless.

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Laser Hair Bleaching Riyadh Best Laser Hair Bleaching in Riyadh Best Laser Hair Bleaching Riyadh

Ideal Candidate:

This is the noninvasive treatment of making hair invisible so people who are considered ideal for the procedure included;

  • Those with lighter complexion and darker hair
  • Those who do not have any skin allergy
  • People who are not sensitive to bleaching agents
  • People with fine hair all around the body part
  • People who are realistic about attempting this procedure
  • People who temporarily want to make their complexion flawless for attending a party or function

Pre Procedure:

This is not the surgical procedure but due to its concern with the skin directly following pre-procedure instructions should be followed;

  • Do not use makeup before coming for the procedure
  • Check out the history of any skin allergy before attempting the procedure
  • Do not use any topical application cream serum or lotion
  • Do not exfoliate the skin before the procedure
  • Do not go for herbal whitening or any kind of procedure before attempting laser
  • Do not cleanse or massage the face before the laser
  • Stop taking all kinds of medication before the procedure


Baby hairs or fine hair can not go on their own using waxing or shaving can increase the chances of double hair growth so this laser bleaching will limit the growth of baby hair as well as make it invisible. procedure steps included;

  • This treatment is processed after the hair removal procedure
  • Darker hair region is bleached using hair technology
  • Laser are attracted towards darker hair then the beam is passed through hair containing more melanin
  • This reduces the hair pigmentation. Result in hair bleaching


Aftercare included;

  • Don’t go in the sun avoid sun exposure
  • Do not apply makeup
  • Avoid topical application creams Jel lotion serum
  • Do not cleanse the face right after the procedure
  • In case of bruising use ice packs
  • Use medicated sunscreen while going outside


It offers several benefits;

  • This procedure is for all skin types 
  • Long-lasting or safe procedure
  • No feeling of pain or discomfort 
  • It makes thin hair invisible
  • It enhances the skin tone and texture
  • It removes wrinkles sun burns sun spots acne scars fine linings etc
  • It is a non-invasive procedure with less recovery time
  • The patient can go back to home on the same day
  • It makes the skin smooth elastic or youthful


No serious side effects are observed included;

  • Itching 
  • Bruising
  • Redness


The cost of the procedure varies depending on the length of the area treated the time taken by the procedure the expertise of doctors the quality of chemical used and the location of the hospital.

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