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The gallbladder is a special pear-like structure present on the right side just below the liver it contains a special fluid known as bile which is produced by the liver and stored in the gall bladder where it is released into the small intestine for digestion of food but where there found to be an abnormality in bile constitution then a special hard structure will form inside the bladder known as gall stone these are formed when having less amount of bile salts and extra amount if bilirubin and cholesterol these hard stones some time cause pain and some time don’t show any symptoms in case of symptoms like pain in right chest pain in the middle of the back between the two blades or when there is a pain in the upper portion of the f abdomen then this gallbladder needs to be removed through a phenomenon known as Gallbladder Stones Surgery in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia this is major surgery and adopted to Get rid of the pain.


When gall bladder starts pain needed to remove the stone varies in size from small to large single to multiple depending upon the symptoms the surgery of gallstones is known as cholecystectomy when there are symptoms but no inflammation it is known as cholelithiasis and when there is inflammation along the symptoms that is known to be cholecystitis both the condition are need to be treated with surgery and there are two types of surgical treatment :

  • Laparoscopic cholecystectomy
  • Open cholecystectomy


The results of gallbladder surgery are outstanding because it helps to reduce the sensation of abdominal pain chest pain or a regular episode of severe pain below the right ribs and right arm or a feeling of discomfort reduced:

Reason for Gallstone:

Gallstone formation depends upon the component of bile if any one of the component increase in concentration it will result in gallstone formation the main reason for stone format according to the doctors are as follows:

  • Increased concentration of cholesterol in the bile will result in gallstones because there are some chemicals in the liver that dissolve the  cholesterol when there are extra amount of cholesterol released by the liver and some amount is left to be undissolved this will form a hardened deposited structure known as gall stones and it is yellow
  • Increased concentration of bilirubin also result in stone formation increase in bilirubin concentration is due to liver diseases like liver dysfunctioning or certain blood disorder and may also result in gallstone formation these stones are brown and black
  • Gallstones also form when the gallbladder doesn’t empty into the intestine completely the amount of bile left in the bladder as a result of incomplete emptying of the bladder will result in accumulation or deposition of bile back into the bladder resulting in a shape structure known as gall stones


The best steps to prevent yourself from getting gallstones are as follows:

  • Take healthy food rich in fibres essential vitamins or minerals in the form of a balanced diet
  • Take a meal at the exact time when you feel hungry 
  • Do not eat a fat-rich diet like fried items or fatty items
  • Take plenty of water to remain hydrated 
  • Take painkiller medication properly when it feels like pain
  • Try to lose weight slowly to prevent yourself self getting gallstone issues because the increase in weight results in a higher risk of stone formation


Gallstone is a serious illness that results in serious complications when left untreated complications include:

  • Inflammation of gall bladder When gallstones are not treated properly there are maximum chances of the bladder getting inflamed
  • Untreated gallstone results in common bile duct obstruction which happen when the stone tries to pass through the bile duct and causes obstructions this condition leads to high fever jaundice or nonstop vomiting this needs emergency admission to the hospital
  • Some untreated gallstones sometimes cause bladder cancer this is very rare but the chances of developing untreated gallbladder into cancer are still there

Pre Procedure:

Pre-operative instructions need to be followed like:

  • Take a consultation with a skilled surgeon to evaluate all the lab examinations like blood tests or urine analysis
  • You must not have any other medical illness or must share your health record of previous surgeries or complications with dictor like diabetes hypertension any heart or blood disease
  • You must share your history of taking any medication for any other purpose
  • It is to be finalised under the strict consultancy of the doctor which treatment you suit the most either laparoscopic or open surgery
  • You must be a nonsmoker
  • You should not take any blood thinner medicines before the operation
  • Take off all the jewelry items
  • Stop taking food 9 hours before the operation


The procedure is very important and depends upon the doctor’s recommendation there are two types of procedure:

  • Laparoscopic procedure involves the administration of general anesthesia first to make you unconscious
  • Different small incisions are made to enter different tubes into the body

One tube has a camera at the front to visualize the inner picture:

  • through one incision another tube is passed to inflate the belly so the skin goes away from the organ to make the picture clear to the doctor 
  • The third incision is made to bring the diseased gall bladder out of the body
  • Another surgery is known as open cholecystectomy it generally involves the cutting at the blade der position outside to facilitate the further procedure that is prescribed by the doctor or sometimes this is adopted in the middle of laparoscopic surgery as well to avoid complications


Aftercare includes:

  • DonoDo note to bend or rotate your body
  • Do not take hard meals after the operation for some days
  • Keep using liquid food items
  • Do not drive
  • Do not lift heavy objects
  • Do not go for exercise 
  • Use plenty of water 
  • Follow appointments should be maintained
  • Take painkiller medication until prescribed 


This surgery is beneficial in many aspects like:

  • It helps to get away from severe pain and discomfort
  • It helps to prevent bile duct obstruction when done at a time
  • It is safe and effective
  • It is a permanent and lifelong


Fewer risks are associated like:

  • Loose motion
  • Fat intolerance
  • Epigastric issues like acidity


The cost of the procedure is not fixed and depends upon the kind of procedure either open or closed laparoscopic recommended by the doctor, the quality of patient care services, or the location of the hospital.

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