Best Ponytail Facelift in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia Ponytail Lift Cost

Do you want to restore a natural-looking youthful appearance? But you do not find it convenient to opt for several sessions annually. Not to mention the additional expenses it adds to your monthly budget. We understand not everyone wishes to seek temporary changes. Some individuals are looking for alternative options that last for a longer time. In the aesthetic world, a variety of unlimited cosmetic procedures are performed every day, granting youthful brilliance every time! This is where you can consider yet another revolutionary addition to approach the remarkable changes with a Ponytail Facelift In Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia. Discover the science behind the process and explore the long-term effects it has to offer. 

A Ponytail Facelift:

It is classified as a cosmetic surgery. The treatment aims to lift while tightening the sagging skin around the eye and temple area, along with the loose skin forming wrinkles around the midface and the cheeks contours. However, it is made sure to maintain the cosmetic aspect of generating the small and hidden incisions to transform a flawless-looking canvas. Moreover, the treatment is labeled as a Ponytail Facelift because it grants a chiseled and well-sculpted look in the end.    

Aim of The Treatment:

It aims to eliminate the droopiness on the skin caused due to the lack of volume in the tissues and muscles underneath the dermal layers. What happens is that a special device is used to instill the new changes. As soon as the thread is installed inside the targetted region, it is pulled and stitched back around the ear areas. This magically lifts and re-shapes the entire facial profile, creating a well-defined contour.


Although the results vary from person to person. However, depending on the number of threads installed inside the concerned areas, a firm tightness is witnessed, creating a smoother-looking youthful effect on the skin. The desired outcomes will generally be revealed after a successful recovery. The changes are expected to take place within 3 to 4 weeks. 

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Ideal Candidate:

These are a few restrictions we strictly follow before registering an interested candidate for the cosmetic procedure. 

  • The candidate must be above the age of 30, without bearing any serious health-related complications such as diabetes, etc. 
  • You are required to bring your previous medical records and report any drug-related or other allergies you seem to be dealing with.
  • In case you are a breastfeeding mother or somebody who has recently conceived, it is preferred to sit back for a temporary period.  
  • Similarly, those struggling with dermal problems such as cystic acne, sensitive skin, or facing age-related complexities due to a decrease in volume are not considered to be ideal contenders regardless of their overall fitness.


  • Stop smoking.
  • Avoid consuming anti-inflammatory medicines.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Avoid the consumption of products containing caffeine, and alcohol.
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight.
  • Evenly apply a higher SPF sunscreen during outdoor activities.


  • The procedure is embarked on with the thorough cleansing of the skin.
  • This is then followed by the application of anesthesia.
  • The specialist then keenly marks the affected portions of the skin.
  • The next step is to make a few incisions within the nearby hairline. 
  • An endoscopic device is used to lift and pull the skin upwards.
  • Before concluding the session, sutures are used to secure the assigned location of the lifted tissues.
  • It is then concluded with the application of medical dressing and soothing gel to tame the inflammation. 
  • Lastly, you are instructed about some precautionary homecare guidelines to prevent any possible mishaps.


  • Avoid the direct exposure to the sunlight.
  • Apply a higher concentration of sunscreen with 50+ SPF.
  • Avoid turning or bending the neck for a few days.
  • Keep the head in a straighten-up posture and do not elevate it.
  • Avoid wearing makeup and other products on your face and head as well.
  • Cut down on smoking.
  • Avoid consuming items containing alcohol and caffeine.
  • Avoid getting into tiresome and hectic physical activities.
  • In case of any unusual outcome of the treatment like swelling, use cold compresses.
  • If you feel irritation or sensation of stretching effect on the forehead area, reach out for medical assistance immediately. 


  • Firstly, individuals can save time and money on follow-up sessions and excessive skin care products.
  • After going through the temporal downtime, one can cherish the positive outcomes for decades.
  • The facial skin will appear fresh and youthful because of the newly instilled tightness.
  • Despite being a slightly invasive treatment, you may fortunately not encounter any post-surgical marks or scars afterward.
  • The new changes will propose a youthful-looking appearance. This will boost your confidence and restore your self-assurance.
  • It is also considered to be an inexpensive procedure as compared to other anti-aging treatments. No follow-up sessions are required every month, leaving you to save up a few cash at the end of the month.
  • Lastly, it does not require any serious downtime. You may resume work within a few days and get back to your usual activities in less than a month. 

Temporary Side Effects:

  • Discomfort, bruising, and swelling may appear due to surgical changes.
  • Painful sensation, bleeding, or infection could occur due to a lack of carefulness.
  • Scars could leave a few imprints if you scratch your skin.
  • In case bleeding or discomfort arises, be sure to seek medical care right away. 


On a generalistic scale, the individuals signing up for the treatment of Ponytail Facelift In Riyadh are approximately billed from SAR 8,000 to SAR 20,000. However, the exact cost depends on the customized need, realistic expectations, and other interlinked factors. 

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