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Everyone experiences the aging process. People do not always find it to be pleasing. As the skin ages, wrinkles start to show. The volume also diminishes, giving the face a hollow appearance. This demonstrates aging symptoms. One’s confidence and self-esteem are damaged by facial creases, wrinkles, and scars. Aging affects how a person perceives themselves concerning others as it takes its toll on the face. One is tempted to complain about the hardships of growing older and the resulting loss of vigor, youth, and energy when one’s face is covered in age symptoms. A person might opt for an affordable and expedient remedy to eliminate these symptoms. The Dermal Fillers in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia transform a person’s face like magic. These restore lost volume, smooth out wrinkles, and make the person look younger.

Aim of Treatment:

The primary objective of this type of treatment is to restore the youthfulness of facial skin by adding volume to it and removing facial lines, creases, and wrinkles with the use of non-invasive, non-surgical, and pretty straightforward injectable dermal fillers. These fillers make up for the loss of fats from underneath the skin and put some distance between skin and muscles thus removing the creases and frown lines.


The results of the idea of injectible dermal fillers can easily be noticed immediately after the treatment. however, the range and duration of that effect are determined by a variety of factors such as the product used, the area of treatment, and the patient’s general health condition. For example, if the density of the filler that is used is relatively greater it is likely to stay for a longer period than a filler with having lower density. Similarly, synthetic fillers are usually considered to last longer than natural ones because they aren’t absorbed by the body. Moreover, if the desired results aren’t achieved the doctor may advise you to undergo another session of the procedure.

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This kind of treatment is more useful compared to other forms of techniques available to get rid of creases and facial lines and add volume to the skin.

  • Firstly, it produces extraordinary long-lasting results.
  • Secondly, this is a noninvasive nonablative technique that doesn’t involve incisions and therefore a very reduced risk of infection.
  • Thirdly, the results can be noticed after the treatment.
  • Moreover, the downtime is very short and one can continue a normal life right after the treatment.
  • Finally, it’s economical as compared to other surgeries.

Ideal Candidate:

if you’re growing old and you struggle with the loss of facial volume and wrinkles and creases on facial skin, you are an ideal person to undergo Dermal Fillers in Riyadh. In some cases, if you have a chronic health condition or you’re pregnant, your doctor may advise you against this treatment.

Procedure for Administration of Injections:

The dermatologist first examines the person in detail to check the current state of the individual. The medical history is also reviewed to ensure the candidate does not suffer from any disease or condition that may affect the treatment.

  • After the complete checkup, the skin specialist starts the treatment.
  • The skin is first cleaned and disinfected using an alcohol swab
  • The region where the fillers are required is marked 
  • The skin is then numbed using a topical anesthetic cream
  • Once numbed, a syringe with a fine needle is used to administer the solution to the marked areas on the skin
  • In the end, a cold compress is applied to the skin and a regenerative ointment is given to be applied to the administered areas.

Side effects:

Although the procedure is noninvasive and considered very safe if carried out under the supervision of an expert professional however there is still a chance of some side effects appearing. Redness, swelling, and bruising on the affected area are commonly experienced side effects but they all are short-lived and go away soon.  whereas in some exceptional cases, it could lead to infection or leakage from injectible material from the injection site. in those cases, a doctor’s intervention is necessary.


The average cost for Dermal Fillers in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia ranges from SAR 1,499 to SAR 5,999. The actual price varies for each individual as it depends on the type of filler used, its quantity, the size of the area being treated, the clinic’s location, and the expertise of the dermatologist. The final price is determined by the skin specialist after taking into consideration all the variables.

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