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The nostrils are the most centralized portion of your face their function according to the need is to allow air to go inside for ventilation but sometimes people have some functional nose disorder they don’t take in the air completely to facilitate the process of ventilation encounter functional issues as well as cosmetic issues. A revolutionary and drastically working procedure has been introduced by cosmetologists with daily advancements in technology people are altering the shape of the nostrils by reducing the width of the nostril To respond to these issues of the nostrils the best procedure or well-known procedures used nowadays are known as Alarplasty in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia it is the plastic surgery of nostrils of the nose it is very common and well-known procedures for those who do not satisfied with their nose shape and want to reduce the width of their nostrils it is done under the general anesthesia.

Treatment :

It is a surgical procedure to reduce the width of the nostrils or reshape the nose it Is done in a proper surgical manner like general or local anesthesia

 is given to the patient according to the doctor’s recommendation it aims to reduce the size of the nostrils or it is the process of narrowing the width of the nostrils for addressing medical reasons this treatment can be done by three methods;

  • In this method nose flares are broader in shape; they are made narrower by narrowing the base of the nose according to the shape of the person’s face.
  • In the second method, the flares of nostrils are reduced by eliminating the wedges of the nose the fleshy part which attaches the nose to the cheeks
  • This is a highly advanced and modern method it involves the refining  of the wedges it utilizes Stitches to contour the wedges for narrowing the nostrils


This procedure is a permanent reduction of the width of the nostrils and it gives quick and immediate results within days that retain over some time, Results are long-lasting and permanent.

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Ideal Candidate:

It is a surgical procedure that needs the complete unconsciousness of the person during the procedure so people who are ideally fit for it or the people who are most suitable for the procedures are;

  • Those who likely to have no medical running condition
  • Those who do not have respiratory discomfort
  • People with good health conditions no cardiac issues no hypertension or diabetes 
  • People who have very wide nostrils their inner side of the nose is completely visible are a good candidate
  • People who are fully satisfied with their facial structure but whose nostrils are very narrower 
  • People who have any accidental injury and due to that they have any functional issue
  • People who just want to reduce the size of their nostrils just because of dissatisfaction compared to their face 

Pre Procedure:

Some important instructions are to be followed before the procedure like;

  • Avoid taking beverage item
  • Stop taking alcoholic items or soda drinks
  • Avoid smoking as well
  • Avoid taking any other medication for any other purpose
  • Take away all the jewelry items nose buds etc before going to the procedure


The procedure follows the several steps included;

  • The doctor will first clean your nostrils then he mark the area to be resized with the help of a pen mark
  • Then the patient is given anesthesia either local or general according to the doctor’s advise 
  • After that, the incision is made inside of your nose in such a way that a small area is carved out of your nose that you want to remove
  • After this step of making an incision, the sutures are applied to restore the new shape of your nose at the base
  • The next step involves the covering wound with a bandage 
  • You are instructed to take the painkiller medication and you are guided to prevent your procedure from getting infected 
  • A bandage will not be removed for several days to fix the new shape of the nose


The recovery time of this surgery is faster as compared to other procedures generally swelling is reduced within 3 weeks, stitches will be removed after a week and a complete result will be achieved in a month.


Aftercare is involved.

  • Take good care of wound till two week 
  • Clean the wound with a medicated wash 
  • Do not touch your nose do not rub or squeeze
  • Do not apply face wash cleanser or any moisturizer 
  • Take painkiller medication to subside the pain 
  • Do not smoke after the procedure
  • Do not go for exercise 
  • Avoid sun exposure
  • Do not lift heavy objects
  • Don’t drive right after the procedure 
  • Take sleep in a direction you now should not hit anywhere
  • Take a healthy diet and balanced nutrition to keep you recovering faster
  • Keep your body hydrated 
  • Avoid putting pressure on your face


This is a surgical procedure aimed at reducing the internal width of the nostrils it offers a wide range of benefits including;

  • It helps to reshape the nose
  • It makes the nasal symmetry balanced in a way a person wants their nose to be
  • It is a permanent procedure 
  • It is safe effective and long-lasting 
  • It gives immediate results 
  • It enhances the shape of the nose
  • It gives balance and enhances the self-esteem of a person
  • It increases confidence levels during communication
  • It enhances breathing efficiency by blocking nostrils


There are very few risks associated;

  • Redness
  • Bruising 
  • Infection at the treated site


The cost of the procedure varies from 20000SAR30000SAR it also depends on the experience of the surgeon and his knowledge of the procedure performed and the location matter where the procedure has been performed is important.

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