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Weight loss phenomena significantly helpful because it reduces the risk of some diseases and their complication when we are fat we are having full consumption of growth tissues or when we lose weight that tissues retracts and losses their efficiency to retain their volume up they lose their consistency and get shrink this way the skin become deflated and found saggy skin plays main role in the whole phenomena it the largest regenerative organ of human body it has many layers the well known tissues found under the skin are collagen which provides elasticity to the skin when weight loss occur this collagen lose its strength and gets shrink result in Losing of skin to encounter that deflated skin issue as a result of weight loss cosmetologist introduced an effective procedure of getting rid of loose skin that phenomena is known as Post Weight Loss in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia this can be achieved by taking certain nutrients or collagen supplements doing exercise or adopting medical procedure bt one of the fastly working procedure or result producing is medical procedure.


This is a cosmetic procedure followed after weight loss which itself a big achievement as a result the body produces stretch marks around the stomach tummy thighs hips or lower body these all become the target or objective to get rid of the surgical procedure which helps remove loose skin or stretch mark is the post weight loss it is a very helpful treatment

  • In contouring the whole body outline
  • Provide a youthful look to the body 
  • Removes stretch mark
  • Gives a younger tightened and firmed look


The result of post-weight loss depends on the method adopted like liposuction procedure of removing fat inside the skin gives accurate and quick result but the body contouring surgical procedure give drastically remarkable result because it is the last option for removing saggy skin after the weight loss phenomenon

Ideal Candidates:

Post-weight loss is not age restricted it depends upon the quantity of weight loss by the person or the method adapted to get rid of the lost skin before going to a medical attempt a person must exercise natural attempt to lose weight on the other hand ideal candidates are those

  • People with good health conditions 
  • People who tried all other methods and didn’t get successful results
  • Nonsmoking people
  • People who are not allergic or do not have a history of delayed healing
  • People must not have any serious kidney issues or hepatic issues
  • People who do not have cardiac issues or respiratory congestion 
  • People who are not taking any other neuropathic medicines
  • People who are not suffering from blood clotting issues or those who do not have any autoimmune disorder
  • Nondiabetic people

Pre Procedure:

Pre-procedure involves the following instructions to be followed to make the effort effective and successful

  • The person must have dedication and a positive approach toward the procedure
  • A person must not have any medical complaints 
  • Make your lifestyle healthier by eating a balanced diet 
  • A person must not consume alcoholic items 
  • a person does not have any serious complaints of diabetes hypertension coronary heart disease or resistance to certain medication


The procedure depends upon the choice of method there are types of post-weight loss procedures that are:

Liposuction: this is the widely adopted procedure in European countries applicable to those who have deposited fatty tissues inside saggy skin that are not getting removed through natural attempts like exercise dieting or taking supplements liposuction is chosen that involves the administration of general anesthesia incision are followed after that and by the help of tube or cannula the deposited fat is melted and then eradicate out of the body liposuction is of further two types laser liposuction, ultrasonic liposuction

Another method is body contouring surgery; it is adopted when there is not enough result achieved after having liposuction to get a more contoured body outline and maximum or sufficient result body contouring surgery is the last option of choice it is a surgical procedure in which different incisions are made at different points in the body according to the need of the area contoured under the administration of general anesthesia sometimes to achieve the maximum result different lift procedures are combined there are several lift procedures are present like:

  • Arm lift
  • Breast lift
  • Facelift
  • Neck lift
  • Thigh lift 
  • Abdominoplasty 
  • Lower body lift


Post-weight loss is critical and difficult to manage in terms of avoiding restoration of the previous weight. aftercare included

  • A person needs to maintain a strict diet plan he has to take fluid in the early days then semi-liquid then semi and then solid in the form of a properly balanced diet
  • Daily exercise should be maintained to retain the healthy status of the body 
  • Avoid taking raw and junk food items
  • Avoid alcoholic beverage item
  • Take plenty of water to keep your body hydrated
  • Take a multivitamins and minerals diet 
  • Proper follow-up should be maintained


The benefits of post-weight loss procedures are unlimited and those included

  • After weight loss, people become more energetic in daily activities
  • Immunity gets stronger
  • Person feel confident
  • More concerned about regaining weight
  • It rejuvenates the skin and makes you look younger, more beautiful, and more expressive
  • It reduces depression stress and anxiety
  • It makes the mood pleasureful
  • Reduces headache and other complications 
  • A sleeping routine is maintained
  • People feel that completing tasks in less time duration 
  • It provides self-esteem and grows the inner ability to work in an organized manner
  • It makes the body attractive, the skin fresh and the mood happy


There are very minimum risk factors associated like

  • It triggers swelling
  • Changing hormonal level


The natural method of post-weight loss doesn’t cost well but the surgical procedure depends upon a person’s will or realistic approach towards surgery. The cost of a surgical procedure is expensive and depends upon the location of the care system and the surgical experience of the surgeon.

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