Nefertiti Lift Treatment for Jawline in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia Royal

Ever wished there was a quick and simple non-surgical way to look younger? Imagine receiving a specific treatment that might tighten your skin and restore your youthful appearance. And guess what? The ancient queen who was renowned for her beauty served as a sort of inspiration for this procedure.

The Nefertiti Lift Treatment in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia has an amusing name and amazing results. In essence, it’s similar to getting a small facelift without a major operation. Imagine a talented someone lifting your face slightly to enhance its awesomeness. But wait, it’s not like we’re replicating some ancient statue or something. It involves fusing the most brilliant concepts from the past with what we know now. Read on to get to know all about this amazing procedure.

Main Goal:

The main goal of the procedure is to give your neck and jawline a slight lift, which will make you look younger and more rested. They took their cues from Nefertiti, a queen who was passionate about elegance and was quite flawless. This unique procedure combines vintage allure with cutting-edge techniques aiming to boost your self-confidence and enhance your natural beauty.


Your neck and jawline will appear younger and firmer after receiving the treatment. These wonderful results often last for three to four months. After any initial swelling or redness has subsided for around 1 to 2 weeks, you will start to feel the full effects. 

Why Get The Treatment? 

  • Rediscover the charm of a nicely shaped neck and jawline by revealing a contoured elegance.
  • Get a young, regal appearance that is inspired by the elegance of history with regal rejuvenation.
  • Take benefit of a lift without undergoing invasive surgery.
  • Experience observable effects in a matter of weeks while embracing a newfound confidence.
  • Combine the subtlety of vintage beauty with modern methods.
  • Enjoy your renewed charisma’s ability to last for months while complementing your natural radiance.

Who Is An Ideal Contender?

  • The Lift can be an option if you’ve noticed a little sagging around your jawline and neck.
  • The procedure offers a non-surgical alternative for those who choose not to have surgery but still desire a more elevated appearance.
  • The procedure offers a natural and delicate renewal if you’re seeking a way to embrace time while still feeling your best.
  • For people with skin that is in good shape, boasting suppleness, and a healthy texture, the treatment usually works well.
  • The best prospects are those who recognize that the procedure won’t fully change their appearance and have realistic, attainable goals.
  • The treatment can be a route to consider if you’re looking for a solution to boost your confidence by updating your appearance.


An experienced skin specialist will listen to your goals and concerns during the initial appointment for Nefertiti Lift Treatment in Ryadh & Saudi Arabia. If you’re a good candidate for the therapy, they’ll thoroughly examine your facial shape and skin health. You have the opportunity to learn more about the procedure and ask questions during this appointment. 


The expert will provide you with preparation recommendations if you are granted the go-ahead to secure the best outcomes. These can include refraining from using particular skincare products, abstaining from alcohol and blood thinners, and hydrating your face in the days before the surgery. Sunscreen use and minimal makeup on the treatment day may also be suggested. These guidelines can help make your experience easier and more successful.

Technique We Use At the Clinic:

The actual procedure just takes a few minutes, usually between 15 and 30. It is frequently done as an outpatient treatment, allowing you to return home the same day. Due to its short downtime, the treatment is frequently scheduled around lunch or in between appointments. 

  • First, a gentle cleaning is done to make everything beautiful and clean in the areas that need a little lifting, such as your neck and jawline.
  • On your skin, the individual administering the treatment makes certain marks. These illustrate the locations of the injections that will give you a raised appearance.
  • They utilize specialized injections, typically including Botox, to relax the muscles that may be responsible for the sagging.
  • After the injections, they could assess the situation and, if necessary, make minor adjustments to ensure that everything is balanced and appealing.

You might have a little redness or swelling where the injections were made right after the procedure. But relax; it generally passes in a day or two.


After the procedure, you might experience a little discomfort where the injections were made, but that normally goes away within a day or two. There may occasionally be a slight hint of redness, but that is only a temporary issue. It’s better to avoid strenuous exercise and extreme facial expressions just after. Oh, and try to avoid touching or rubbing the treated areas; let them heal properly. You can gently apply cold packs to the area if you’re feeling a little bloated, and for the first night, it’s comfortable to keep your head slightly elevated. Your normal schedule won’t be significantly disrupted, and you’ll soon feel like yourself again.


There are a few factors that can affect how much the lift will cost. The cost generally ranges between reasonable and moderate, and it is determined by factors such as the location of the clinic, the expertise of the practitioner, and the number of shots required to get the desired result. Sometimes the quality of the clinic and how well they treat you while you’re there are considered together with the cost. 

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