P-Shot Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia Priapus Shot Injections Cost

There are too many causes that persist behind male sexual dysfunctioning, one of the major men’s sexual disorders is erectile dysfunctioning which is the inability to attain means general erection to produce perfect sexual performance. It was again thought that this failure of men’s penile erection was due to some mental disturbance or due to  stress or depression history of the patient   but nowadays it is believed that some physical factors are involved which may be the less blood circulation to the penis or might be any trauma is the reason but to address all the issues related to erectile dysfunctioning one of the revolutionary procedure has introduced by the doctors which are known as P Shot For Men in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia.


People who are suffering from erectile dysfunctioning have multiple ways to improve their sexual status condition the best difference-making procedure is the P shot which is a very effective injection used to treat many sexual issues the issues which it supposed to encounter other than erectile dysfunctioning 

  • Weak blood distribution
  • Prostate tumor
  • Diabetes hypertension
  • Azoospermia


The result depends upon the amount of dose given in some patients results are fast and instant results are shown within an hour or in some people it takes around 2 to 3 weeks to achieve the result

Ideal Candidates:

The ideal candidates for p shot for men are

  • Those who already have good health
  • Who did not show any response to medication
  • Want to enhance their sexual desire 
  • Want to make pennis firm strong and rigid 
  • ⁶⁶⁶⁵ýýýjĥWant to increase the size of the pennis

Pre Procedure:

There is no specific pre-procedure for the p shot before attempting the procedure all the blood tests are to be taken to ensure 

  • Either the person has any other medical issue or not
  • Platelet count is checked in the blood 
  • To ensure good health plasma or platelets of the patient


The procedure of p shot treatment is simple it involves the extraction of blood from the patient this blood sample is kept in a machine to separate PRP from the blood this separated PRP is then entered into the penis of a man where it goes into the specific areas which are responsible for erection and responsible to enhance the sexual performance in this way erectile dysfunctioning is addressed 

How Many Turns are Needed to Recover a Person from Erectile Dysfunction?

Sometimes people get cured from the procedure in a single session or sometimes 4 to 6 sessions are required to get the desired result.

After Care:

Aftercare is very much helpful in sustaining the result for a long time it includes;

  • Moderate swelling and redness
  • A person must limit the use of blood thinners or steroidal drugs
  • Avoid taking other medications for other medical issues
  • Keep yourself hydrated all the time
  • Take complete rest 
  • Do not go for any exercise  
  • Avoid taking nicotine and any alcohol-containing items like beverages.


Erectile dysfunction is one of the major failures a man can suffer from. It is very much needed to treat it first because as long it will exceed it will get permanent forever if left untreated. the modern therapy like p shot rest people assured about the

 provision of regular and long-lasting effects it offers several benefits including

  • This treatment increases the length and weight of the patient
  • It helps diminish many other sexual irregularities
  • It is a cost-effective long-lasting safe and effective procedure


There are no such considerable risk factors yet reported.

  • Mild swelling at the injection site 
  • Sometimes patients feel pain at injection sites which are very less intensive.


The cost of the procedure varies from person to person; it ranges from AED to AED depending upon the severity of symptoms and the quality of injections used.

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