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Aging is the generation process that causes several tissues of the body to become saggy and deflated and results in the dropping of skin to reduce the sign of order to lift the drop skin back to its normal position to make you a healthy fresh and young look can be achieved by lift surgery due to several factors when the soft tissues of skin around brows and forehead becomes saggy and move down and the distance between eyelid or eyebrow become shorter than the special phenomena of cosmetic surgery is adopted to get back the tissues to their previous position is known as Brow Lift Surgery in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia it is a cosmetic surgery done under proper hospital setup with the help of anesthesia to restore the volume of upper face region to give you more radiant young and youthful this procedure is needed to repeat with time because aging will again result in dropping of skin.


Brow lift surgery is a surgical cosmetic procedure that needs to be consulted with a proper surgeon to get you sure about what kind of brows will suit you in the struggle of deciding and finalizing it the doctor will have a brief meeting and ask you to give multiple series of expression to check it down the more appropriate expression of you in which your browse setting compliment your whole face to save the changes before he procedure this is an important procedure to achieve your result according to your thoughts you may ask your friend and family to articulate with your choice to give you best advice or options before finalizing the shape and look of the brow without wasting time to give you a younger and fresh look.


The result of the brow lift surgery is remarkably outstanding and promising. It helps to lift the soft skin tissues above your eyes to give you a younger look but the results are not permanent. However, it is necessary to repeat the procedure after a couple of months as the age progresses.

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Ideal Candidates:

Ideal candidates depend upon the person’s age group or the severity of the system. The following people are considered ideal for brow lift surgery;

  • Those who are having proper. Good health
  • Those who have a constructive approach toward surgery
  • People with loose or baggy brown skin.
  • People with dropped brow tissues
  • People with lining at the forehead
  • Those who do not have delayed healing issues from any previous surgery
  • You must not have skin allergies or infections 
  • You must not have any complicated medical illness like diabetes, hypertension, coronary diseases 
  • You should be a nonsmoker
  • People aged between 40 and 60 are considered to be the most deserving candidates.

Pre Procedure:

You must take a consultation first with a skilled surgeon to discuss your brow issue then according to the condition of the patient, the following pre-procedure care steps are recommended;

  •  Your medical history of any running medical illness will be figured out
  • It is to be checked out whether you are taking any medication already against any disease 
  • Smoking persons and pregnant or breastfeeding mothers are not preferred
  • Avoid taking certain medications like nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs pain killers or blood thinner medicines to avoid the complications
  • Before initiating the surgical procedure your surgeon will conduct a general examination to finalize the shape of the brows to look most appropriate for you through the picture gallery of already conducted operations.


Depending on your desiring result the person is first given local anesthesia to make the area numb or block sensation there are different kinds of surgical procedures used for an incision at different places on the face including;

  • One of the well-known procedures is endoscopic brow lift in which different incisions are made behind the hair line a tube is inserted from one incision along with the camera fit at the front to look at the tissue arrangement another tube from another incision is inserted to lift your forehead which is then fixed firmly with the help of stitches
  • The second method is known as temporal brow lift in which an incision is made at the temporal side behind the hairline
  • Direct brow lift includes the removal of skin above the eyebrows it is a little surgery but anaesthesia is given in this method also
  • Another brow lift includes the incision from ear to ear at the top of the forehead behind the line to shift it to the place 
  • Another method of brow lift is Hair line brow lift in this method an incision is made between the top of the forehead and hair line a small amount of skin is removed from this area to address the issue of long hair lind


Your forehead is wrapped a little to minimize the inflammation a tube is attached at one side to bring extra fluid and blood outside the following instructions are to be followed;

  • Avoid sun exposure and rays
  • Do not exercise for several days
  • Do not drive 
  • Do not lift the heavy object
  • Appointment should be taken further for follow-up
  • Do not touch or sub your face
  • Do not apply makeup
  • Do not wash your mouth with facewash 
  • Do not use any cream on your face like cleansing or moisturising cream


Benefits of the brow lift surgery are multiple;

  • It helps to restore the brow line at its position
  • Help to remove wrinkles on the forehead 
  • Bushy eyebrows can be appropriately managed
  • Eye lining is reduced
  • It helps you appear young and fresh
  • It is a safe and effective procedure
  • Frown lines can be removed
  • Saggy and drop skin issues are easily managed


There are very few risks associated with the following;

  • Scaring 
  • Bruising
  • Swelling


The cost of the procedure depends upon the type of method used to lift the saggy brows the expertise of the surgeon the area chosen for this outpatient procedure or the quality of the equipment involved. The Cost of a Brow lift Surgery in Riyadh, specifically starts from 500 SAR when using threads and starts from 1200 SAR through fillers.

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