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One of the most obvious changes brought about by an increase in age is the loosening of skin which causes the appearance of folds in the skin. It starts as a fine line and then slowly wrinkles start appearing as well. This makes a person look older and tired. The fine lines result due to a reduction in the collagen on the upper layer of the skin. To get rid of these, treatments are carried out to regenerate the collagen. One of the most effective treatments is Laser Skin Resurfacing in which the production of collagen in the uppermost layer is stimulated.

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Aim of the Treatment:

The main goal of the procedure is to slow down the natural process of aging and make the recipient look young and fresh. It does a great job to maintain the person’s appearance and also their skin. The procedure is aimed at the stimulation of collagen production in the skin so that the quality and texture of the skin can be improved from within.


The treatment results in the improvement of the person’s skin texture and quality. It leaves the skin looking young, clear, and fresh. The treatment requires several sessions that depend on the condition of the skin and the desired results. The improvement in the skin can be seen after the first session however the final results are visible once the treatment is complete.

Best fine lines and-wrinkles Clinic in Saudi Arabia & Riyadh fine-lines-and-wrinkles in Saudi Arabia Best fine lines-and-wrinkles in Saudi Arabia

fine-lines and-wrinklesin Riyadh & Saudi Arabia Best fine lines-and-wrinkles in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia fine-lines and wrinkles Clinic in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia


  • The treatment is non-invasive and is generally pain-free
  • No recovery time is required and the person can do back to their routine after the session
  • The results look very natural and are instantly visible after the first session
  • The treatment is safe to carry out with no serious side effects
  • The skin tone of the recipient also becomes even as the treatment also addresses the issue of pigmentation
  • The confidence of the person is increased and self-esteem is also boosted

Ideal Candidates for the Treatment:

  • A person who does not suffer from any serious condition that affects the treatment and its results
  • Individuals with realistic expectations from the procedure
  • Someone who has wrinkles and visible lines on their skin
  • Anyone who understands the treatment and is mentally prepared for it
  • An individual who does not have sunburnt skin can result in skin irritation
  • A person who does not have oily skin that is prone to scars
  • A candidate that does not have sagging skin
  • Someone with high pigmentation in their skin should avoid the treatment

How Does the Treatment Work?

The Fine Lines & Wrinkles Removal in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia works by exposing the skin to laser energy that penetrates the skin. This heats the skin tissues under the skin causing them to produce more collagen. The increase in collagen production causes an enhancement in the skin’s texture and quality.


The first step to getting the treatment is to have a detailed discussion with the dermatologist. The doctor examines the skin of the patient and carries out the necessary testing to check the eligibility of the individual for the treatment. Their medical records and history are also reviewed to ensure they do not suffer from any condition that may hamper the treatment and its results. After deciding on the therapy, a list of pre-care instructions is provided to prepare the candidate for the treatment like avoiding the sun, applying high SPF sunscreen, staying hydrated, avoiding any skincare product that contains alcohol, etc.


On the day of treatment before the procedure, the patient is advised not to apply any makeup or skincare product on their skin.

The skin is first cleaned with a disinfecting solution and then the treatment area is marked. By applying a numbing ointment, the region is numbed to minimize any discomfort. Once it is numbed, the skin is exposed to the laser energy by using a laser device that is made to move across the skin. A small area is targeted at a time. In the end, a regeneration and protecting ointment is applied to soothe the skin. An ice pack or a cold compress is also provided to the patient to apply to the treated area.


It makes the skin sensitive for several days after the treatment and the patient needs to take special care of it. There is also some inflammation and redness right after the procedure. To treat these minimal side effects, the doctor provides some guidelines that include

  • Protect the skin from the high UV rays of the sun
  • Apply the ointment provided by the doctor
  • Avoid using cosmetics and chemical containing skin products

Cost of the Procedure:

The average cost of Fine Lines & Wrinkles Removal in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia range from SAR 1,000 to SAR 2,000. The final cost of the treatment varies for each patient according to their skin condition, desired results, and the technique adopted by the doctor. It is also influenced by the level of the clinic, its location, and the expertise of the dermatologist.

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