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Cosmetic Surgery in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia is a unique field of medicine in which the human body is treated through different surgical and motivation is always the improvement of the appearance. Given the sensitivity of the procedure, people’s non-surgical procedures must alter the shape and appearance of different parts of the human body. This could be carried out on all external parts of the human body such as the neck, face, and body. Because this procedure doesn’t impact the functioning of a body part and solely focuses on the aesthetics therefore it’s elective to weigh different options before deciding to undergo this procedure.

Aim of the Surgeries:

The main goal of the surgeries is to improve the overall appearance of the individual. The individual’s dissatisfaction with their appearance is aimed to be addressed. The imperfections are improved and treated in such a way that the results look natural and appealing. The essence of the treatment is to give the individual the body they would be comfortable in and provide a younger-looking appearance.


The results of the surgeries are permanent and provide the desired appearances to the individuals. The final results are however visible once the recovery is complete and the treated region develops completely after healing. The body is contoured, flaws and imperfections eliminated, confidence boosted and undesired features are changed according to the person’s desire.

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Diagnosis and Preparation:

The surgeon first carries out a detailed discussion in the first meetup with the patient for Cosmetic Surgery in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia. All of the concerns, issues, and problems of the patients are discussed and their medical records are reviewed. Some testing is also carried out after a thorough physical examination of the area to be treated. in case the patient has suffered from any serious disease or condition, they are required to get clearance from their doctor before undergoing any kind of surgery. After completing the initial checkup is complete, the treatment options are provided according to the patient’s requirements and condition.

Some pre-surgery instructions are given to the patient so that they can be prepared for the surgical procedure.

  • The patient is required to stop taking certain medicines like herbal supplements, blood thinners, vitamin tablets, etc.
  • They should be hydrated enough before the surgery and thereby should drink a minimum of 7 to 8 glasses of water per day.
  • Individuals should take a properly balanced diet and be healthy enough for the surgery.
  • The surgeon also advised increasing physical activity before the surgery.
  • The region that is to be treated should be shaved before the operation so that body hair does not interfere with the surgery

Aesthetic Surgeries Offered at the Clinic:

All the surgeries offered at any aesthetic clinic must be carried out by experienced, qualified, and certified surgeons. This is so that the risk of any kind of complications and side effects. The results of the surgery also depend greatly on who carries out the surgery and where it is carried out.

The following treatments are carried out by a Cosmetic surgeon:

Tummy Tuck:

This is a surgical procedure to get rid of belly fat and excessive skin. The muscles of the stomach are also tightened. The belly will appear flattered after the procedure. Another name for it is abdominoplasty. There are various belly tuck procedures. Which option is best for the individual is discussed by the doctor.


This surgery is carried out to reshape the nose according to the person’s desire. This can be either open or closed depending on the choice of the individual and the doctor’s preference.


In this surgical procedure, the surgeon takes out the excessive fats from the body using various techniques. Suction is used in various parts of the body to tone it by getting rid of unwanted fat cells and tissues.

Lip Augmentation or Reduction:

Lip surgery can either be carried out to enhance the lips or reduce their size. The type of surgery carried out depends on the current condition of the lips of the individual and their desired results.

Ear Surgery:

The surgery of ears is carried out to either improve the shape of the ears or to address any ear deformity or problems experienced by the person.

Butt Enhancement:

This type of surgery is carried out to enhance the butt, contour it or improve its shape. It is either carried out using implants or fat transfer.

Cost of Cosmetic Surgery:

The average cost of Cosmetic Surgery in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia ranges from AED 12,000 to AED 50,000. The final price of the operation depends on the type and complexity of the surgery, the expertise of the surgeon, and the level of the clinic. The total cost is determined by the surgeon after considering all the factors that affect the cost.

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