Closed Rhinoplasty in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia Close Nose Reshaping Cost

To bring the change in the shape of the nose might be either aesthetical or functional for medical purposes Some people have long noses some have nose tips broad or flat some have bony noses or some have big nostrils these all issues need to be operated on to bring a good change in the appearance of the nose or some time people do not feel easy to breath inappropriate breathing issues also need to be altered by repositioning or reshaping the nose symmetry to alter the shape of the nose either aesthetically or for a medical purpose without opening the whole nose structure is known as Closed Rhinoplasty in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia the surgeon will not open the whole nose small incisions are made inside without exposing the inner structure. the scars are not visible enough as compared to open surgery it will not result in complications like inflammation and it is mostly recommended to those people who have bulbous nose tips and hump nose structures.


It is a surgical procedure that involves little scaring inside there is no scaring outside small changes are made inside to get an accurate result it is used where little contour or reshaping of the nose is needed it is used to treat mainly hump of the nose and to narrow the tip of the nose it is a permanent procedure and results in less swelling as compared to an open procedure. the recovery time of a closed procedure is faster than open procedure it is used to treat problems like

  • Long length nose
  • Large nose hump
  • Broad nose tip
  • Or to make the improper breathing issues appropriate


The results are outstanding and promising. It takes very little time to recover and gives excellent results that are permanent, safe, and effective. Complications are very less as compared to open rhinoplasty.

Ideal Candidates:

Approach to the closed procedure is very beneficial to address little nose irregularities following people are considered to be the ideal candidates for closed rhinoplasty:

  • People with good health status means they are not suffering from any major health issues
  • People who are not taking any other serious medication
  • A person must not have any running health disease issues like hypertension diabetes or any other coronary issues
  • You must be a smoker.
  • People with high hump containing nose
  • People with lengthy nose
  • Those who have broad nose tip
  • People with traumatic injury or any improper breathing issues due to any injury
  • To repair any congenital abnormality
  • To repair any nasal fracture by birth

Pre Procedure:

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure you must follow some lines of pre-operative instructions to make the procedure successful:

  • Take out all the lab evaluations test to find out any running illness you are unaware off
  • Consult the doctor to finalize your method of treatment 
  • Do not smoke or use any alcoholic beverages two weeks before the operation
  • Take off all jewelry items
  • Do not visit the hospital wearing makeup or nail polish
  • Wear loose clothes before coming for the procedure
  • Do not come wearing contact lenses
  • Avoid taking medications before surgery 
  • Do not use any glasses during surgery
  • Do not eat drink or consume any food item after midnight before surgery
  • Avoid nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or blood-thinning medicines


Closed rhinoplasty is a minor surgery used to bring very little changes in the nose or reshape little issues of the nose without producing scars four types of rhinoplasty procedures are there:

  • One procedure is cosmetic or aesthetic rhinoplasty involves the reshaping of the nose to make its appearance beautiful in look
  • The second procedure is noninvasive rhinoplasty which involves the use of certain fillers to fill the missing area of dips in the nose to make its appearance youthful
  • The third type of rhinoplasty involves the restoration of nasal features back to normal as a result of congenital abnormality any traumatic fracture to the nose any accident or injury or due to deviated septum issue
  • Forth type of procedure involves making some changes in the primary rhinoplasty procedure or reducing the outcome of prior rhinoplasty procedure
  • Further procedure include
  • You are given general anesthesia
  • A small cut or incision is made inside of your nostrils
  • Raising the skin covering your cartilage and bone
  • Resizing of the deflated septum or hump bone is done 
  • Replacing your nasal skin to its position
  • Stitches are used to close the incision
  • This is an outpatient procedure patient will be discharged at the same day 
  • A follow-up schedule should be maintained to uncover the bandage


Aftercare includes:

  • Do not go in the sun avoid heating places
  • Do not go for exercise 
  • Do not wash your face for some days
  • Do not apply makeup cleanser or massage cream 
  • Swelling or bruising will occur for several days after the surgery
  • Take antibiotics or pain until prescribed
  • Do not move the face unnecessary
  • Do not lift heavy objects 
  • Do not jump run or walk 


Benefits of rhinoplasty included:

  • It gives you a more symmetrical look
  • It finishes all the issues related to the nose like improper breathing deviated septum genital factor or any traumatic injury
  • It  fulfills both the cosmetic and functional need
  • It is a permanent procedure with full durability 
  • It is safe or effective 
  • It is pain-less
  • It maintains facial harmony proportional to nose appearance
  • It gives you more perfect nose shape and maintains an overall balance of the nose from the front
  • It sharp the nose tip reduces the length of the nose and removes deviated septum issue
  • It recovers many respiratory issues related to improper shape of the nose


There are very few risk associated

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Infection
  • Bleeding 


The cost of the procedure depends upon the type of procedure chosen for the treatment, the availability of the trained practitioner, or the location of the hospital where the procedure is being taken. 

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