J-Plasma in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia - Skin Resurfacing & Tightening Price

Do you want a naturally rejuvenated skin? Then luckily you a part of the contemporary era, to fulfil your wishes without undergoing any intense surgical treatments. The neo-cosmetic treatments just follow and manipulate the natural cycle and circle of nano-sized natural components. The J Plasma Skin Resurfacing In Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia is one of its examples. The precise treatment manipulates the existing collagens, melanins, dermal tissues, and other interlinked components while simply stimulating their production. As a result of which, youthful structured, and balanced colored skin is cherished by the candidates. Moreover, the treatment also follows the candidate-centric pattern during the process. 


What is a J Plasma Skin Resurfacing?

It is a neoteric method utilized to achieve the cosmetically beautified appearance of skin. The treatment is based on the plasma energy, which is emitted according to the needs and expectations of the treatment. Aside from that, this non-surgical procedure will treat and eliminate wrinkles, sun-damaged skin, scars, and aging signs. While also stimulating the production of collagens and elastins. The treatment is open for individuals regardless of the type and texture of the skin. Moreover, the treatment will easily be molded and organized according to the personalized expectations and needs of the individuals.        

How does the Treatment Work?

With the help of generating the tiny mini pinpricks on the skin, by doing so the natural healing process is triggered. Which eventually enhances the production of new collagens. By doing so, naturally, the damaged cells are taken over by the healthy cells. Along with that, the procedure also stimulates in formation of new blood vessels. Which on the whole improves the blood flow. With the help of the treatment, all of this is done to enhance the structure of the skin.


Realistically, the results of the treatment are personalized according to the nature of the treatment and the type of skin. However, generally, the treatment is involved in contouring and tightening the skin. Along with the elimination of wrinkles, unbalanced pigmentation, and facial lines are likely to be observed after the treatment.    

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Eligible Contender: 

Any individual who is experiencing early signs of premature or mature aging may reach out for treatment. Aside from having realistic expectations from the treatment, the individuals are likely to undergo certain health examinations to prove their eligibility for the treatment. However, those dealing with allergies, diabetes, pregnancy, or are under the age limit of eighteen years old, need to postpone their urge to undergo this treatment due to the safety protocols we follow according to the local law. 


  • Avoid the direct exposure to the sunlight.
  • Use a higher SPF sunscreen.
  • Avoid using excessive exfoliating components.
  • Keep the skin clean, hydrated, and moisturized.
  • Avoid the consumption of products containing alcohol and caffeine.
  • Limit or cut down on smoking.
  • Avoid applying random topical and cosmetic components.
  • Limit the intake of blood-thinning medicines.
  • Receive personalized cautionary measures from the specialist.


  • The procedure commences with a thorough cleansing of the skin.
  • Which is followed by the application of anesthesia.
  • Furthermore, with the hand-held device, the cold plasma energy is delivered to the skin.
  • The energy applied to the skin further creates mini dot-like natural scabs on the skin.
  • The procedure is likely to be concluded within 30 to 60 minutes.
  • The session is concluded with the application of a soothing cream. 


  • Use lukewarm water to cleanse the skin.
  • Keep the skin thoroughly cleaned.
  • Do not scratch or rub the skin.
  • Keep the skin moisturized and hydrated.
  • Avoid excessive application of cosmetic components and topical medicines. 
  • Apply a higher SPF sunscreen while going out.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Restrain from the intake of products containing caffeine and alcohol.
  • Avoid excessive application of makeup products.
  • Follow the personalized prescription of medical and topical medicines.  


  • Firstly, there is no downtime at all. You may easily go about your day right after stepping outside the clinic. 
  • Moreover, the treatment does not require following any excessive cautionary measures.
  • It also generates significant improvements by stimulating and producing new collagen cells.
  • The outcomes are witnessed almost instantaneously while tightening the skin’s overall texture.
  • Moreover, it is conducted and concluded without the influence of any surgical apparatus.
  • There is no scar, mark, or sign left on the skin after the session.
  • Most importantly, the candidate will get rid of the existing hoarding of dermal layers, causing wrinkles and aging signs.   
  • Furthermore, the treatment is equally beneficial for all types and tones of the skin.
  • On the whole, the neoteric, rejuvenated, and aesthetic structure of the epidermal surface is naturally restored after the treatment.

Temporary Side Effects:

  • Redness,
  • Peeling off of the skin,
  • Itchiness,
  • Or dryness could be felt for a day or two.


The cost of the treatment is calculated from the personalized intensity, expectations, needs, and other interlinked factors. However, on a general scale, the cost of J Plasma Skin Resurfacing In Riyadh & Saudi Arabia starts at approximately SAR 1,500. 

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