Stem Cell Facelift Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia Cost & Price

It is one of the different making techniques in which the face is lifted by implanting its stem cells like fat grafting it also involves the eradication of fat or stem cells from any part of the body through liposuction and inducing back into the body where they regenerate naturally and provides the best face lifting result they provide the glowing face with wrinkle-free lining free texture to the cell and enhances the beauty and tone of the face this method of Stem cell Facelift Treatment in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia also involves in reducing the aging sign with growing and progressive facial disorders it gives promising result against multiple face issues like degenerative face tissues frown lines wrinkles and facial patches and gives a radiant glow and maintain symmetry for the longer period.


It is the best line of choice because of the growth factor present in stem cells it doesn’t only facilitate face lifting but corporates maximumly when used in combination with another line of treatments it is also used in treatments like

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Cheek augmentation
  • Chin augmentation 
  • Removing wrinkle
  • Removing forehead frown lines
  • Neck lift


The result of the procedure is remarkably outstanding because of the regenerative strength of stem cells it provides a youthful appearance and young look to the patient

Ideal Candidate:

People considered most suitable for the therapy are

  • Having a good health condition
  • Nonsmoking person 
  • People with clear signs of aging
  • Who have wrinkles around the face and fine lines 
  • Who needs skin rejuvenation

Pre Procedure:

Pre-procedure care should always be taken to avoid any serious complication that includes

  • Stay active and repeat exercise
  • Do not take drugs that have blood-thinning properties
  • Discontinue taking any other medication like pain killers etc
  • Use vegetables in your diet
  • Take plenty of water to stay hydrated


It is an invasive and surgical procedure that needs to be followed the following step

  • The patient is given local anesthesia to avoid pain sensation 
  • Then by the process of liposuction fat is removed along with stem cells from the body by the process of liposuction
  • This is further followed by making small incisions at three different areas of the face
  • First stem cell is introduced in the midline of the face close to the bones
  • Second, is introduced into the facial muscles
  • The third and most important stem cell collection is introduced below the skin surface where it is distributed evenly throughout the face

After Care:

Stem cells are a special kind of cells present in our body with self-regenerating power when they are injected into the body they need some major instructions to be followed.

  • You might observe redness or itching which goes on its own 
  • In case of prolonged redness use ice packs to subside the redness
  • Do not use anti-inflammatory drugs or not any other medication for any other purpose
  • Do not apply makeup
  • Do not wash your face with face wash
  • Do not use any day night Cream lotion serum moisturizer
  • Do not rub your hand on the face
  • Avoid heated areas or sun exposure


It offers a large number of benefits over time including

  • It’s regeneration ability helps to produce newer cell
  • New cell production results in the destruction of the old skin layer and results in replacement with a new layer which makes you look young and youthful
  • It replenishes the skin by replacing dead layers and making the skin glowing radiant and energetic
  • It is a safe and effective procedure
  • It is considered to be the most durable procedure for skin rejuvenation
  • It helps to restore the original symmetry and balance of the face
  • It is not a painful procedure
  • It takes very little time to show the result
  • Due to fewer side effects, it is frequently an adaptive procedure for all age groups
  • It addresses all the face-related issues


Some fewer risk factors include

  • Redness around the area treated 
  • Wound formation
  • Swelling


Cost ranges from 3000AED-6000AED cost of the procedures varies differently according to the signs and symptoms of the patient; it also depends upon the brand location chosen for the procedure tools and equipment involved and the expertise of the practitioner handling the procedure.

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