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Have you ever wished you could easily say “bye-bye” to that extra chin? Enter Belkyra Treatment in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia which functions like a wizard’s spell for your chin. Just a straightforward procedure that can provide you with the confidence boost you’ve been hoping for—no surgeries, no crazy routines. Imagine living in a society where eradicating self-consciousness is as simple as snapping your fingers. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? You might find the solution you’ve been looking for in Belkyra. It’s like a secret potion that helps to smooth out your profile and restore your sense of dignity by controlling that persistent double chin.

But hold on, exactly what is Belkyra? How does it function? What is the time frame? Is it secure? Don’t worry; we’re here to solve the mystery. Continue reading to learn all about it.

Main Aim:

The treatment’s main goal is to get rid of those persistent double chins. It works by melting away fat cells under the chin with a simple injection, giving you a sleeker, more defined appearance. What is the end goal? to give you a chin that fits your confident self to increase your self-esteem.


After receiving treatment, you’ll often see an improvement in about 4 to 6 weeks. The procedure begins to reduce fat cells over a few months, giving the patient a more defined chin. The results of the treatment typically remain for a while, giving them a fresh sense of confidence that may continue for a year or longer.

Why Go For the Treatment?

  • By avoiding the need for surgery and any potential problems, it provides a gentler approach to dealing with double chins.
  • You can get rid of that unsightly double chin to reveal a smoother, more defined appearance that complements your face.
  • It doesn’t require much recovery time, unlike other surgeries, so you can resume your normal activities right away.
  • The beauty of the therapy is that it can be customized to meet your exact requirements, focusing on particular submental areas according to your preferences.
  • It guarantees that your results look natural and allows your improved chin to harmonize with the rest of your face.
  • Enjoy the benefits of the boosting effects on your self-esteem for a while, taking pleasure in your enhanced appearance for up to a year or even longer.

Perfect Contender:

  • The treatment may be really helpful if your double chin just won’t go away despite diet and exercise.
  • It’s great if you’re in generally good health and don’t have any serious medical issues that could interfere with the treatment.
  • It’s crucial to have realistic expectations for what the therapy can accomplish for you to be satisfied with the outcomes.
  • You’re more likely to see the results that are smoother if your skin can recover well from the drug.
  • You can get the most out of the treatment if you’re willing to adhere to the instructions your doctor gives you after the treatment and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


For the Belkyra Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia you will meet with an experienced skin specialist for a first consultation who will take the time to learn about your particular concerns and desired results. To decide if Belkyra is the best choice for you, they will evaluate your chin region, skin condition, and medical history. The professional will thoroughly describe the course of therapy, go over potential advantages and hazards, and address any queries you may have. If you decide to proceed, the expert will give you personalized preparation advice to guarantee the finest outcomes and a hassle-free procedure. 

Pre-Operative Care Guidelines:

  • To reduce the risk of bruising, it is advised to stop using blood-thinning drugs or supplements for a specified amount of time before treatment.
  • In the days before the procedure, drinking enough water can benefit the injection process and skin health in general.
  • A day or two before the procedure, cutting back on alcohol and caffeine can aid in lowering the likelihood of edema and discomfort.
  • To ensure a clear surface for the treatment, show up for the appointment with a clean, makeup-free face.
  • Tell the doctor about any prescription drugs or dietary supplements you are taking, as some substances may interfere with the procedure or affect the outcome.

How the Procedure of Belkyra Treatment is Performed?

  1. The first step is for the professional to clean the treatment area, which is frequently just below the chin. To assure accuracy throughout the injections, they could make tiny marks.
  2. Before administering the injections, they may apply a gel to numb the area to make you more comfortable. But hey, if you don’t need it, that’s also fine.
  3. The expert administers the Belkyra solution beneath your chin using a fine needle. This remedy works like a super-powered chemical to dissolve fat cells.
  4. To ensure that the medication spreads evenly and performs its magic everywhere, they administer many injections.
  5. They could give the area a light massage after the injections. When the injections are finished, the staff will clean up the area and provide you with any information you require for aftercare.

Post-Operative Care Guidelines:

After the procedure, you can notice a little discomfort and slight swelling near your chin, but this is only a temporary side effect that normally goes away in a few days. There isn’t much of a break needed to return to your regular schedule.

Here are some post-care instructions provided by the skin specialist:

  • A light ice pack could be used to reduce swelling if you’re feeling a little puffy.
  • For a few days, cut back on the intense workouts to give your chin some breathing room.
  • Protect your treated chin from the sun.

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