Gastric Bypass in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia Gastric Bypass Cost

Some methods used to reduce weight can be done without a doctor’s help. However, one needs to receive professional treatment if that doesn’t work. The Best Gastric Bypass in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia provides a long-term solution to this issue among the therapy options accessible. Using this method, a surgeon reduces the size of the patient’s stomach. Continue reading to know all about the surgery

Aim of the Surgery:

This surgery’s main goal is to start weight loss in a method that is effective, safe, less dangerous, and long-lasting. In comparison to other methods for addressing the obesity problem, this one provides amazing results in a relatively short amount of time.


It takes two to three hours to complete the surgery, but recuperation is relatively short. One might probably lose half of their extra weight in as little as three to five months, according to estimates. The outcomes may vary from case to case depending on a variety of factors, including a person’s eating habits. However, the operation is permanent and the benefits last a lifetime.

Ideal Candidate:

A doctor will recommend gastric bypass surgery for you if you have a high BMI ratio and are in good enough health to have surgery. A person would also need to be free of any chronic medical issues, such as diabetes, for it to be perfect.

Pros of the Treatment:

There are several benefits to using this specific approach to managing obesity.

  • First of all, it provides a long-term answer to the issue.
  • Second, there are no significant risks associated with surgery.
  • Thirdly, there aren’t any negative side effects and recuperation happens rather quickly.
  • Fourthly, the procedure leaves no scars behind.


The first step in planning for the bypass is an initial appointment to determine a person’s suitability. The person must then only consume the number of calories that their doctor has advised. Avoid drinking and smoking for a few weeks before therapy. Before receiving treatment, the patient might also need to stop taking certain medications, such as blood thinners. Make sure you follow all of the doctor’s instructions for a successful surgery.

How is it Carried Out?

For the Gastric Bypass in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia, first, the site of surgery is adequately cleaned to remove any bacteria or dirt from the skin.  

  • The abdominal cavity is accessible by making tiny incisions
  • The surgeon inserts trocars, which act as channels for additional surgical equipment, in these incisions.
  • The laparoscope or video camera is used by the surgeon to inspect the abdomen.
  • A stapling tool is used to form a little pouch in the stomach.
  • This stomach pouch, which is the size of an egg, restricts how much food a person may eat before feeling full.
  • The lower portion and the upper portion of the little bowl are two independent compartments.
  • The newly formed stomach pouch is joined to the lower section of the tiny bowl.
  • This enables food to move directly into the little bowl’s second section, where digestion is still ongoing.
  • The liver and pancreas’ bile and pancreatic fluids enable full food digestion by reattaching the upper and lower portions of the small intestine, respectively.
  • The gastric bypass alters signals in the body by rearranging the structure of the gastrointestinal tract, which reduces hunger and heightens feelings of fullness.


After a bypass, recuperation typically takes five months. The patients begin with a liquid diet and subsequently transition to one that is semi-solid. When the patient should begin taking solid meals, the doctor offers advice. If the patient gets enough rest, they might recover more quickly. The patient shouldn’t lift anything heavy for the next six months to give the surgical wounds time to heal. Exercising ought to be avoided as well. The medication that the surgeon prescribes for the doctor must be taken.

Side Effects:

Even though the procedure is very effective, there is a small chance of experiencing negative effects. For instance, there is a very slight possibility of contracting an infection. In addition, it may be difficult to swallow liquids immediately following the surgery.


The Best Gastric Bypass in Saudia typically costs between SRK 12,999 and SRK 29,999. It depends on the complexity of the surgery, the patient’s health, and the doctor’s level of expertise. The surgeon calculates the final cost after taking into account all of the cost-influencing variables.

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