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Hyperhidrosis is the phenomenon of irregular or uncontrollable sweating through salivary glands mostly sweating occurs when the temperature is increased to regulate extra heat sweat glands release sweat to produce a cooling effect it is a natural phenomenon but hyperhidrosis is not a normal mechanism in this condition sweating also happen when the body temperature is cold sweat appears  in hands palms armpit or back one type of hyperhidrosis is the family history of a person come genetically in system and one of the type is related to use of extra medications which causes excessive sweating both needs to be treated because the excessive sweating may result in loss of water or dehydration there are a lot of measures taken to encounter excessive sweating including anti per spirants medications Botox injection or surgery .when all these is not work enough to give effective result then a modern and advanced technology based procedure has introduced known as Laser Hyperhidrosis Treatment in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia.


Overactive sweat glands produce excessive sweat it is an odorless liquid usually released when the body needs to maintain the temperature but when you feel random sweating in response to stress or anxiety or due to the prolonged use of certain medication then this condition should be treated there are a lot of treatment options Botox injection in the form of botulinum  antidepressant medications prescription creams or wipes but all options doesn’t work enough the most precise or accurate method of treatment is a laser which involves the destruction of salivary glands using specific wavelength without damaging the surrounding tissue it is a durable permanent or safe procedure 


The results of this procedure are instantly outstanding permanent and long-lasting. It is a painless procedure that gives immediate results.

Ideal Candidates:

Hyperhidrosis is an abnormal excessive sweating that can cause discomfort when occurs randomly ideal candidates for this procedure include;

  • People who are diagnosed with uncontrolled sweating
  • People aged above 20
  • Who have positive expectations from the procedure
  • Those who are not suffering from serious health illness
  • People who are not taking any medication for any health issue
  • Breastfeeding or pregnant women are not good candidates

Pre Procedure:

Some instructions should be followed before attempting this procedure including;

  • All Lab tests should be taken to analyze the history of any health disease 
  • Check out the history of skin allergy
  • Avoid taking all the medications for any purpose 
  • Do not eat a meal the night before the procedure
  • Breastfeeding or pregnant mothers are not suitable
  • Avoid smoking or alcoholic items in your daily routine


It is a minimally invasive procedure it is an outpatient procedure. patient will go home on the same day;

  • Topical anesthesia is given to the patient 
  • The solution of iodine and starch is coated on the armpit to locate the position of the sweat gland
  • An incision is made through which a cannula containing optical fiber is inserted inside 
  • Through this fiber laser beam is passed which breaks the glands
  • Another cannula is passed to remove the glands outside
  • The incision is then closed with the help of sutures


Aftercare included;

  • Do not lift the heavy object
  • Take rest for some days to allow the proper recovery
  • Do not go for exercise
  • Avoid using anti-inflammatory medicines or blood thinners to protect you from complication
  • Take healthy food items for faster recovery 
  • In case of pain use prescribed medicines


It offers several benefits like;

  • It has less recovery time 
  • It is a safe and permanent procedure
  • You can wear clothes of your own choice without having the fear of getting wet 
  • It is a minimally invasive procedure with permanent and durable result
  • It enhances self-esteem
  • It increases self-confidence
  • You can remain dry without embarrassment regarding your armpit getting wet


It doesn’t have serious side effects. little risk included;

  • Swelling 
  • Redness


The cost of the procedure varies depending on the severity of the symptoms time taken to complete the procedure the quality of techniques or tools used and the expertise of the practitioners.

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