Congenital Anomalies in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia Ambiguous Genitalia Diseases

Too many defects are progressively growing during prenatal life these defects are due to so many reasons significantly identified causes of these defects are unknown but the expected cause is due to nutritional deficiencies and environmental factors congenital anomalies that are reported including heart defects neural tube defects or down syndrome 8 out of ten children are born with congenital disorders in underdeveloped countries increasing the death rate ultimately to overcome the ratio of congenital anomalies several measures are taken like dietary supplements vaccination intake of folic acid and iodine rich diet and certain medications and appropriate look after if the pregnant mother during the pregnancy till birth minimally these defects some time arises due to chromosomal or genetic factor defect like trisomy or cystic fibrosis another cause of Congenital Anomalies in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia includes advance age marriages.


Treatment of congenital disorder depends upon the type and condition of the disease some defects go on their own some need to be treated with medicines some need a proper surgical procedure like hernias and cleft palate and some disorder goes along with life and can not be treated either surgically or non surgically, the well-known method of treatment to address congenital defects includes

  • Tracheostomy placement in children with respiratory defects
  • Endoscopic examination in case of stenosis
  • Gene therapy 
  • Cell transplantation 
  • Surgery in case of hernia
  • Open procedure in cleft palate


The result depends upon the severity of the congenital disorder the results of surgical procedures are remarkable enough to improve the quality of life and to diminish the underlying cause of the defect

Reason Of Congenital Defects:

There are two many factors involved or they may be the root cause of inducing congenital disorders that include

  • Genetic factor plays a vital role in producing defects because the family history of disease or any abruption in chromosomal number may lead to the initiation of genetic defects that includes trisomy in people with 23 chromosome number another example is the condition of cystic fibrosis
  • Economic factor, statistical data has proved that underdeveloped or poor countries or areas with low income may develop a condition in which there found to be an unavailability of sufficient food and vitamin or nutrition-rich food to pregnant women  is missing factor which results in malnutrition or food deficiency facilitate people with to give birth to child with congenital anomalies
  • advanced maternal-age marriages are also a factor involved in producing congenital defects
  • Some congenital disorders are by birth and do not have particular causes like heart disorders neural tube disorders

Management Plane:

Management depends upon healthcare organization and their workers to ensure the availability of the following facilities 

  • Availability of proper diet to girls and women to reduce the cause
  • Awareness of avoiding traveling during pregnancy
  • Avoidance of alcoholic  consumption to remain free from harmful factors
  • Assurance of adequate dietary intake
  • Ensure the restriction of environmental factors to keep away from pollutants contaminated water radiation or heavy metals
  • Assurity of control the diabetes factor or other emerging diseases like hypertension and low blood levels in pregnant women
  • Use of proper vaccination plan for keeping your body away from seasonal infections in pregnant ladies

if all these preventive measures did not work well to prevent neonatal from getting secure then the last option is to address anomalies are surgical adaptation which is followed by further pre-procedure

Pre Procedure:

Pre-procedure for surgical initiative may follow the following instruction

  • Admission of the child to the proper care system
  • Selection of a skilled surgeon and multiple consultancy sessions make made possible to evaluate your child’s issue accurately
  • Lab evaluation or examination tests are conducted to ensure the child’s status regarding the surgical procedure is checked
  • All the test blood test or sonographic examination is done to check the particular condition and its severity
  • The child is examined to evaluate what kind of anesthesia would be suitable to carry the procedure


Surgical procedure is finalized only when there is no sufficient outcome seen by other line of management or when the condition is encountered only by surgery like a cleft palate or hernia procedure involves

  • It is followed by the administration of anesthesia to the child 
  • Then incisions are made to reposition the affected tissues depending on the area treated 
  • Closing of the incision is done under the guidance of a skilled surgeon 
  • Stitches are to close the incision
  • The wound is then covered with a bandage to prevent infection 
  • The next appointment for removing the stitches should be followed 
  • Prescribed medicines for a particular purpose including pain are to be taken keenly daily


Aftercare included following instructions:

  • Checking of vitals is maintained
  • Record temperature every half hour 
  • Check out the cardiorespiratory activity
  • Monitoring of blood gas or blood pressure
  • Continuous maintenance of ventilation 
  • Do not give any oral food item 
  • IV fluid administration should be maintained properly
  • Skin temperature or pain assessment should be done
  • Keep an eye if any bleeding is observed
  • Proper antibiotic administration or drips management should be checked


There are several benefits offered by neonatal surgical procedures against congenital anomalies like:

  • It gives a balanced and healthy lifestyle to a child 
  • It prevents the child from developing further complications associated with a congenital defect
  • It reduces the death rate of children
  • It aids in providing the child to spend life without medicines
  • It reduces the chances of treating a condition medicinally for a long time. i
  • It improves the quality of life by saving the child from life-threatening issues
  • It helps the child to the wall without any support in case of foot disease
  • It helps to ventilate properly and allows him to take food items without the fear of passing into the gas pipe in case of a cleft palate


The cost of surgical procedure against congenital defect depends upon the severity of the disease and the hospital chosen to conduct the surgery as well as the availability of expert and skilled surgeons performing the procedure

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