Stress Urinary Incontinence in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia SUI Cost

A medical disease known as Stress Urinary Incontinence in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia is characterized by the uncontrollable flow of urine during movements or physical activity that increases pressure on the bladder. This kind of incontinence happens when the tissues and muscles that support the bladder and regulate urine release weaken or are destroyed, making it difficult for the bladder to properly hold back pee when pressure is applied.


Weakened pelvic floor muscles and tissues are the main contributors to stress urinary incontinence (SUI). Pregnancy, childbirth, aging, hormonal changes (menopause), obesity, persistent coughing, certain operations, heredity, and neurological problems are among the most prevalent causes. These elements may result in diminished bladder control and unintentional pee leaks when engaging in activities that raise abdominal pressure.

Treatment Available:

  • To strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, patients might follow instructions from a pelvic floor physical therapist.
  • Alpha-adrenergic agonists and topical estrogen are two drugs that may be administered to increase muscular tone and bladder control.
  • The urethra may benefit from minimally invasive treatments including radiofrequency therapy, collagen injections, or bulking agents.
  • In situations when alternative therapies are ineffective, surgical solutions such as bladder neck suspension operations or sling procedures may be taken into consideration to support the bladder and urethra structurally.

Ideal Candidate:

  • leaks urine while exercising, coughing, or doing other actions that increase abdominal pressure.
  • affected by pelvic floor muscles that have deteriorated as a result of childbearing, aging, obesity, etc.
  • driven by a desire to improve quality of life and deal with the problems caused by SUI.
  • open to considering non-surgical solutions such as physical activity, dietary modifications, and medicinal treatments.
  • seeks expert guidance for tailored assessment and treatment suggestions.

Pre Procedure:

  • With your doctor, go through your medical history and current medicines.
  • Take any evaluation tests that are advised.
  • As directed by your healthcare professional, adjust your medicines.
  • To get ready for anesthesia, adhere to the fasting requirements.
  • before surgery, take a shower with antimicrobial soap.
  • Dress comfortably in loose-fitting clothing, without jewelry or cosmetics.
  • Drink a lot of water to stay hydrated.


  • Near the mid-urethra, a tiny incision is made in the vaginal wall. A second, smaller incision could occasionally be done above the pubic bone or in the groin region.
  • Through the vaginal incision, a synthetic sling material is introduced. This material is often mesh. The sling is positioned such that it creates a hammock-like support under the mid-urethra.
  • To properly support the urethra without obstructing it, the surgeon modifies the sling’s tension. To guarantee continence without undue strain, this step is essential.
  • To hold the sling in place and keep it in the right posture, the ends of the sling are often fastened to surrounding tissues or ligaments.
  • Sutures or surgical staples are used to seal the vaginal incision. If skin incisions are necessary, they can be closed in a similar way.


  • Comply with your doctor’s advice and directions for healing.
  • Keep up the Pelvic Floor exercises as directed by your 
  • Rest and Avoid Strain: Give yourself some time to rest, and stay away from heavy lifting and physical activity.
  • Show up for your follow-up visits on time.
  • Maintaining proper perineal cleanliness will help you avoid becoming sick.
  • Eat a balanced diet and stay away from bladder irritants like alcohol and caffeine.
  • medicine: Follow the directions on your prescription medicine.
  • Drink plenty of water for bladder health and general recuperation.


  • substantial decrease or elimination of urine leakage during abdominal pressure-producing activities
  • People frequently report an increase in self-confidence with fewer or no leaking episodes, which can enhance the quality of life overall by lessening the effects of urine incontinence.
  • Treatment can minimize physical discomfort and reduce the need for absorbent pads or other protective measures, which can help avoid consequences like skin conditions or urinary tract infections.
  • By lowering worries about leaks during sexual activity, reducing stress, worry, and emotional strain associated with treating the illness 
  • can help enhance sexual health and intimacy.


Several variables, including the kind of therapy selected, the severity of the problem, the healthcare practitioner or facility, and any extra medical concerns, can have a significant impact on the cost of stress urinary incontinence treatment in Saudi Arabia. Associated expenses for various surgical and non-surgical therapies will vary. The local healthcare market and the location might also affect pricing.

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