Stem Cell Hair Transplant in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia Cost

The frenetic, busy schedules of nowadays appear to be harming human hair. Contamination, elevated strain, heavy workload, bad eating habits, and hormonal changes are only a few causes of hair loss, especially in young individuals. As a result, consumers hunt for effective and safe hair restoration procedures that are secure, inexpensive, and produce results that seem more genuine. Such individuals can opt for the most effective Stem Cell Hair Transplant in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia that provides the desired results. Read all about it on the page below

Aim of treatment

Utilizing the cells from the patient’s own body, Stem Cell Hair Treatment is a cutting-edge hair restoration technique that promotes the growth of hair. Cell hair treatment is meant to restore the regeneration of natural hair strands found on the scalp as opposed to those other hair restoration therapies, which rely on moving hair cells, to produce long-lasting results.


This new method of hair transplantation uses stem cell hair. Therefore, not every clinic uses this technology in their clinics. Many people are interested in learning how cell therapy surgical treatment turned out. This method is the subject of a great deal of attention as well as numerous concerns.  The results of the treatment are very effective and satisfactory leaving the recipients happy and satisfied with their appearances.  

Pros of the treatment

  • A stem cell is capable of several divisions.
  • Additionally, it can make new cells that the system does not usually produce. This group of cells includes nerve fibers, vascular endothelial cells, matured blood cells, and several others.
  • Baldness in both sexes can be treated with stem cell therapies.
  • The method works best for those who have minimal hair fall because the bald area may show the desired effects after just two sessions.
  • The activation of hair follicles by stem cells encourages them to produce more hair.
  • Hair cells that are weak or dead cause hairline receding and hair loss. For the cells to operate once more, the method works to repair and stimulate them.

How does cell therapy aid in hair restoration?

  • It increases the fertility of the site of implantation.
  • more maintained and productive hair follicles
  • a hair transplant process that is simpler and better
  • a higher follicle survival rate
  • Significantly less hair loss due to well-nourished, healthy hair follicles

Who can get the treatment?

Stem Cell Hair Transplant in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia is an option for those with extensive loss of hair in a variety of areas of the body, including the brows and stubble, as well as for individuals who do not respond to other surgical therapy for hair loss.

  • Those who want to restore their hair with a successful stem cell therapy
  • Those who still have at least a portion of their scalp’s hair
  • People having sparse or slow-growing hair
  • People who want their hair to have more density
  • People who want to increase their hair’s strength and fullness


  • Depending on the degree of baldness, the professional hair surgeon can remove 400 or more hair cells.
  • The dermatologist draws blood from the patient’s body. The centrifuge procedure separates the body’s stem cells from the rest of the blood.
  • Hair follicles are cultivated in stem cells in the lab to create additional follicles. More hair cells begin to grow as a result.
  • After two weeks, during the subsequent session, the surgeon will use the FUE method to implant the increased hair cells into the balding area.
  • To reinforce the cells, the doctor will also introduce stem cells into the head.

What to expect after the therapy?

Even though stem cell hair restoration therapy doesn’t involve a recovery period, the patient could still feel some discomfort following the process. However, a week after therapy, this soreness subsides. Fast healing is possible after the treatment. After having a hair transplant, you should wait at least a week before engaging in strenuous exercise or physical activity. Additionally, the patient may have very minor scarring where the sample tissue was taken. The consequences of the local anesthetic may prevent a person from driving oneself home after the surgery. Within a few months, positive outcomes can be attained. At periods of four months, more than 50 percent of the total hairs in the donor site renew and proliferate. Within months, successful outcomes are possible.

Side effects

There is constantly a chance of bruising or inflammation in the area of the sample collection and administration, just like with any medical operation. Additionally potential is scarring. Punch biopsy problems are uncommon, although there is a very slight chance that the veins or arteries beneath the spot could be harmed.

Where to get the treatment from?

In Saudi Arabia, there are numerous alternatives for hair stem cell therapy, however, it is best to choose skilled dermatologists for the treatment. Only skilled doctors can provide successful stem cell treatments for hair fall prevention, despite the procedure’s low risk and lack of invasiveness. Our doctors and surgeons at the Royal Clinic have been studying stem cell therapy for years and have modified it for use as a successful natural hair treatment. Stem cell therapy is the least invasive and less risky hair restoration method available today to treat severe balding and its effects.

Cost of Stem Cell Transplant Riyadh:

The average cost of a Stem Cell Hair Transplant in Riyadh Saudi Arabia ranges from SAR 6,999 to SAR 9,999. The final cost depends on several factors that are discussed during the initial consultation.

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