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Surgery of the nose is also known as rhinoplasty this procedure is to restore the shape of the nose due to either cosmetic or functional causes due to congenital defects or sometimes due to sudden injury or accident. the nose is the most central part of the face upon which the whole face outlook depends when there is any deformity found due to cosmetic reasons genetic issues or any injury or may be due to inappropriate breathing the cause needs to be encountered. so to resize the reshape the nose an augmentation rhinoplasty is being carried out by using a special graft and implant known as Silicon Nose Surgery in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia. this surgery aims to provide projection or erection to the nasal bridge and nasal tip for a more youthful look and appearance.


When any person feels their nose bridge or nose tip is too flat or when his tip is broad and bulbous then nose surgery or rhinoplasty is the best option of treatment to get more accuracy against multiple nose issues at a single time the augmentation rhinoplasty using implants are very common nowadays and there are very effective and advanced implants are being used as a line of treatment to address the nose bridge or nose tip issues this is an aesthetic procedure so several alloplastic materials are used to augment nose by upgrading dorsal bridge or tip


The Results of this procedure are extremely amazing because they give you the result you ever wanted your nose to be. More customized outcomes can be achieved by contouring the nose shape or facial symmetry.

Ideal Candidates:

If you ever want to get a symmetrical and contoured nose outline then silicone nose surgery is no doubt the best line of choice for the people:

  • Those who have good health status and are not suffering from any severe disease
  • Who have a flat dorsal bridge
  • Those having big nostrils with a flat or bulbous tip
  • People with short nose length
  • People with any nasal deformity
  • Who has a realistic and positive approach to the procedure
  • Who is not smoking

Pre Procedure:

Following pre-instruction should be followed:

  • Lab evaluation test must be done to check out any running medical condition
  • You must tell the surgeon about the history of any prior surgery and your behavior toward anesthesia
  • Must confirm with your surgeon the history of any serious skin allergy
  • Take balanced food items before surgery 
  • Stop using alcoholic beverage items
  • Do not smoke before surgery
  • Stop taking any medication especially blood thinner to avoid healing complications
  • Dental issues should also be ruled out 
  • Do not come with makeup


The procedure starts with the administration of sedatives or local anesthesia is given to the patient further steps included:

  • Procedure is performed by two methods either closed surgery which involves the incision to be done inside or open surgery which involves an incision to be done across the nostril area
  • Through these incisions, the skin that covers the nasal bone or cartilage is lifted upward 
  • A further step is followed by the insertion of silicon grafts onto the dorsal bridge area to reshape the nose accordingly
  • Once the procedure is done and the desired shape of the nose is adjusted by placing a silicon graft the surgeon will close the incision with the help of sutures
  • The patient can go home back
  • Appointment follow-up should be maintained


Aftercare instructions are as follows:

  • Avoid sun exposure
  • Do not go for harsh exercise 
  • Do not lift objects
  • Take proper rest after discharge from hospital
  • To reduce swelling keep your head above the chest
  • Painkillers must be used to subside the swelling
  • Keep the treated area clean all the time use ice wrapped in cotton to reduce swelling
  • Do not touch the face 
  • Do not wash your face unnecessary
  • Do not apply makeup
  • All medication should be taken timely


Benefits included:

  • It enhances the shape of the nose 
  • Improves airway efficiency for better ventilation
  • Contour the nose outline and shape 
  • Help improve the flat bridge and bulbous tip issues 
  • Silicon grafts are durable and permanent
  • It is a safe and effective procedure
  • It is a long-lasting procedure with less recovery time
  • It helps to lift the nose and make you look younger attractive  and youthful
  • It gives you a more symmetrical facial appearance 


Minimal risks are associated:

  • Bleeding
  • Wound infection
  • Swelling


The cost of the procedure depends on the severity or complexity of the patient the time taken by the procedure the tools involved or the location of the hospital in which the procedure is performed

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