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There are several causes for people to feel self-conscious regarding their boobs. After having their breasts surgically removed due to disease, some people experience confidence issues. Others are just disturbed by a chest that is too little or too big in some places. A boob job is a reconstructive surgical operation that frequently involves the use of fat transfer or medical implants to improve or alter the overall look of the breasts. It is a specialized method that takes into account the person’s body type and desired appearance.

We are mindful of the many causes why someone might decide to get the surgery. Read all about the kinds of surgeries offered at the Breast Surgery in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia.

Reason to get Breast Augmentation:

This procedure can be chosen by women as a corrective method after surgical treatment, to equalize disparate boob sizes, or to improve the body’s shapes. Women who have the surgery can anticipate fuller, tighter, and more aesthetically pleasing bosoms, regardless of the exact objective.

Aim of the Treatment:

The main essence of the procedure is to enhance the contour of the body by increasing or decreasing the size of the boobs and also getting rid of excess tissue. It aims to make individuals more confident in their bodies and increase their self-esteem.


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  • If one of your bosoms is smaller than the other, the surgery makes it symmetrical.
  • the chest’s appearance is improved.
  • Enhances your self-esteem and self-image.
  • Makes an individual possess a physique that is younger-looking and more proportionate.
  • Swimwear and clothing make the individual look great.
  • It causes enlargement of the small bosoms
  • The treatment can be completely customized making it possible for the individual to choose the size they desire

Ideal Candidates:

It is important that the person is in good overall health and does not suffer from any disease or condition that can affect the surgery and its results. The eligibility of the candidate is checked by the doctor in the first consultation after a thorough checkup. The individuals who have the following concerns may be ideal for the treatment:

  • You experience self-consciousness when wearing low-cut or form-fitting clothing or a bikini.
  • Your chest has shrunk or lost firmness since having kids.
  • As a result of losing weight, your breasts have shrunk.
  • Your bosoms differ significantly in size from one to the other.
  • Your cleavage is too big in clothing that fits your hips.
  • You have a drooping chest
  • Your bra does not fit your bosom.
  • You think your body is too big for your chest.

Treatments Offered at the Clinic:

The Breast Surgery Clinic in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia offered the following procedures:


Reduction mammoplasty is the official name for surgical reduction. The procedure minimizes the size of the boobs overall and raises their contour by removing extra skin, tissue, and fats. The only way for women with hypermastia, the medical term for excessively big chest, to improve their quality of life is through reduction surgery.

Many women go for surgery to get rid of the migraine, neck discomfort, back pain, and other distress brought on by having excessively large boobs. In addition to taxing your body, it can make it difficult to fit into the clothes and feel more confident.


The silicone implantation is carried out to enhance the size of the chest. In this surgical procedure, the size of the boobs is increased by placing an implant. It is carried out by making an incision at the start of the procedure, either in the armpit, the areola’s border, or the crease of the boobs. Depending on the body type and the particulars of each treatment, the incision will be placed in a different location. Through the cut, the doctor accesses the area and makes a pocket either beneath the chest tissue or beneath the muscle of the chest wall. Either site, with the implant, positioned precisely behind the nipple in the middle, is used. The initial incision is then stitched up.

Areola Reduction:

Genes may have a role in the development of enlarged areolas, although they can also appear later in life as a result of weight changes or childbirth. Areola reduction allows patients to achieve smaller, more symmetrical areolas by removing a portion of tissue from the area around the areola’s edges.

Breast Augmentation:

Augmentation is a popular surgery to improve or improve a woman’s bosom’s shape and size. For this kind of treatment, women with small or undeveloped breasts make suitable candidates. Women frequently report losing fullness after giving birth and may decide to get surgery to regain volume. Breast augmentation is a treatment option for some people who have anatomical deformities like tubular breasts.

Cost of Breast Surgery:

The surgical and non-surgical treatments offered at the Breast Surgery Clinic in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia may range from SAR 14,000 to SAR 40,000. The actual price of the procedure varies for each individual as it depends on the type of treatment carried out to get the desired results, the complexity of the surgery, the level of the clinic where the treatment takes place, and the expertise of the surgeon. The final cost is decided by the surgeon after considering all the variables that affect the price.

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