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Lipoma is a lump of fatty tissues growing inside your skin in most cases it does not cause pain and discomfort but sometimes due to certain reasons it becomes painful and make you feel discomfort they can move easily upon applying pressure they are soft, not hard they can grow anywhere in the body but most likely it is present in back arm shoulder and neck they are encapsulated moveable structure does not harm you they are not cancerous they are benign tissues of overlapping of fatty tissues they are mostly present in women one out of thousand people develop lipoma they cause pain when they are near to any nerve or joint but in that case, you health care provider remove it through a surgical procedure known as Lipoma Treatment in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia.


Lipomas are lumps of fatty tissues that do not cause pain they can be found everywhere in the body but when they cause pain they need to be treated treatment options include both surgical and nonsurgical certain medicines like lecithin are used to encounter the growth of lipomas or to shrink a lipoma but actually when it doesn’t find effective to remove medicinally due to frequent recurrence than surgical procedures are used treatment methods involved are: 

  • Surgical removal of lipoma 
  • Lipoma removal by liposuction


The result of lipoma treatment is valuable because through surgery it is straightforward to get rid of lipoma growth or recurrence it gives safe oral profound results.

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Ideal Candidate:

Ideal candidates for this procedure are considered to be those:

  • Who Are already in good health
  • Who have a positive realistic and revolutionary approach and attitude toward this procedure
  • People who are suffering from lipoma or a visible similarity carrying fatty deposits that cause pain 
  • Nonsmoking people who complain of any benign tumor
  • If you want to get rid of pain-less fatty mass due to any cosmetic reason

Pre Procedure :

The pre-operative procedure has the following line of instructions:

  • Ist lab assessment and evaluation are done to check the exact history of lipoma either cancerous or noncancerous
  • Once it is confirmed according to lab trials then it will be treated through surgery
  • Do not use any medication for other ailments
  • Avoid using alcoholic food items 
  • Do not smoke for two weeks before surgery 
  • Do not shave the area treated 
  • Quit using anti-inflammatory drugs 
  • Wash the area with an antiseptic cleanser
  • Check out through physical exam the nature of lipoma
  • If it is not confirmed through a physical exam then a biopsy is done to evaluate any malignancy


Lipoma is the growth of a fatty lump between the skin or muscles it is a soft tissue tumor it is painless condition because when it bothers you and produces pain there are two ways to get rid of lipoma:

  • One method of lipoma treatment is the surgical method in this method anesthesia is given first and then the incision is made at the area around the lipoma the lump of fat is removed directly and then with the help of stitches close the incision the patient is expected to go home at the same day
  • The second treatment method is liposuction in this method a long thin needle is entered deep into the skin and extra fatty tissues are eradicated outside to clear the place.


Aftercare included:

  • Do not drive right after the procedure
  • Avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs or blood thinners to avoid complications
  • Recovery depends upon the length of the incision so do not go for exercise or do not lift heavy objects
  • Clean the wounds 2 times a day
  • Cover the wound with petroleum jelly to prevent it from infection
  • Routinely take the medicine to avoid pain


It offers multiple benefits including:

  • You can get rid of pain inflammation or discomfort caused by lipoma
  • It restores confidence regarding physical appearance.

It helps you to check whether the lipoma is cancerous or noncancerous:

  • it makes your skin smooth or even tone by removing the hump of the lipoma


There are very less no if risks associated with:

  • Swelling
  • Infection
  • Bleeding


The cost of the procedure varies depending on the extent of the condition or depth of the lipoma or how old is the condition cost also depends upon the surgical method used the area or location of the hospital or the severity of the problem. The average starting cost of Lipoma Treatment in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia is SAR 5,000.

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