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Hemangioma is a rubbery lump or flat patch that mostly appears at the time of birth it is the benign growth of blood vessels or it is a benign vascular tumor that comes from blood vessels it is mostly found in the face chest scalp or back it is not harmful or there is no exact cause of its origin but to encounter aesthetic concern or some time functional concern it is practiced to remove it appears mostly in immature female children who have fair complexion it mostly left untreated because it goes on its own but some time due to its location it may cause impaired vision or breathing issues or some time it seems that it starts bleeding and become sore to avoid its unexpected complication it is needed to treat the struggle made to remove it known as Hemangioma Treatment in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia it sometimes appear at birth or some time it appears at the first month of life it is not hereditary it can appear to anyone any time.


It is a benign growth derived from vessels or it is a benign cluster of blood vessels present at birth there are multiple treatment options available both invasive or noninvasive;

  • Topical application: it involves the use of gel rubbed over the hemangioma to reduce its size 
  • Oral treatment: it involves the use of certain medicines especially beta blockers to reduce its growth from time to time
  • Surgical treatment: surgical treatment is only applicable when there is no growth found once it is confirmed that growth has stopped surgical interventions are made to get rid of hemangioma
  • Laser treatment one of the advanced methods is laser treatment which is used to lighten the darker color of angioma  


The results of the surgical method are outstanding it is the safe effective and permanent line of choice that limits the chances of recurrence leaving a little scar behind which goes slowly with time.

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Ideal Candidates

This is the common vascular birthmark it can be present anywhere in the body the ideal candidate includes;

  • Those having good health status
  • People of children who are not suffering from any other serious illness birth issue
  • People who are not taking any medication for any other purpose.
  • People with clear hemangioma marks on any side causing functional disturbances
  • Those having stomach hemangioma or continuously suffering from GIT discomfort
  • People who have a realistic attitude towards attempting the procedure special adults with hemangioma
  • Those having large hemangioma and when  there is intra-tumor bleeding observed

Pre Procedure:

If it is needed to operate the particular preparations are needed to maintain like;

  • Surgical procedure always depends upon the size and location of the hemangioma
  • Get all the lab tests done to examine any health implication 
  • Stop giving any medication to the child before the operation
  • The child is kept on a liquid diet
  • Don’t serve meals to the child the night before the surgery
  • Check out the history of serious allergy


If hemangioma causes any functional disturbance like impaired vision hearing or feeding issues then it has to be removed surgically. surgical steps involved;

  • Local anesthesia is given to the child to numb the area treated
  • Then surgeon will make an incision to remove the lump of hemangioma carefully
  • The surgeon will join the healthy skin together after removing the lump with sutures
  • The dressing is applied to prevent the wound from infection or bleeding
  • Follow-up appointment schedule


Taking care after the procedure is the most important thing to maintain including;

  • Restrict your child’s movement for some days
  • In case of pain use a painkiller prescribed by the doctor
  • After arriving home take healthy food items to recover faster
  • Limit your child’s physical activity to allow the wound to recover faster
  • After removing the dressing clean and dry the scar regularly to avoid infection growth


It offers several benefits like.

  • The surgical method of removing hemangioma is very effective
  • It prevents breathing hearing or vision or feeding dysfunctioning
  • It is safe and permanent
  • It is durable 
  • It is painless.
  • It enhances the outlook by encountering an aesthetic concern
  • It increases self-confidence 
  • It restores self-esteem


Little risks are associated like;

  • Swelling 
  • Bruising 
  • Infection


Cost depends upon the method of choice either oral laser or surgery .surgical cost depends upon the length and size of the hemangioma removed zen time taken to complete the procedure the expertise and knowledge of the surgeons along the location of the hospital.

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