Utilizing the most recent security technologies, Enfield Royal Clinic complies with all legal standards for patient protection. Every company is required to protect the private information of its consumers. The website was constructed with sophisticated security mechanisms to make sure that no one steals the content and our user’s details. The Enfield Royal Clinic Abu Dhabi places a high priority on user privacy. The patient’s medical history or personal data must be provided at the initial session.

The user is being informed about how their personal information is protected on this page. It explains the clinic’s privacy practices to visitors.


When signing up for the clinic’s services, questions about personal information are required. This data is secure and is never disclosed to a third party without the user’s permission. The user has the option to unsubscribe at any time.

Email Newsletter:

The user must next enter their email address, name, and demographic data in order to subscribe to the email services. If a user decides they no longer wish to receive our updates, they can cancel their subscription to our services at any time.

Data Collection:

When reserving an appointment with the clinic, the patient’s data and medical background are collected. Cookies are little text files that a website uses to save information. These keep track of every action a user does on the website. These cookies make it possible to log in without having to provide information each time the website is accessed. The website also records the IP address, the browser version, the user’s geographic location, and the time. The user is assured that none of this information will be misused because it is saved for security reasons only.

Methods of Data Collection:

The website gathers information through several different methods. These are accomplished via

  • Registration forms.
  • Device details
  • Live chats
  • Sent emails
  • engaging services


To improve the quality of services provided by the clinic, surveys are taken. We do not take part in it and it is made to be completely anonymous so that the results are accurate. The surveys are usually conducted by third parties and the users are given the choice of whether they want to be a part of it or not.


Our client’s feedback is very valuable to us. The forum provide for this purpose on the website makes it possible for the clients to give us reviews about their experience at the clinic. It helps us to make our services even better for our clients. These are made publicly visible to other users as well so that they can get an idea of our services.

Interactive Services:

The user’s problems or inquiries can be entered using the search options. They get their queries answered here, and it also aids in self-diagnosis. The professionals should be consulted, though, as they can make a more precise diagnosis.

Categories of Data:

The several categories into which the data can be separated include

  • Information gathered when using the Website (i.e. browser details, IP address, location, time, etc)
  • Individual Details (Info entered by the user i.e. name, email id, address, phone number, etc)
  • Data about the area (i.e. Country, City, address, postal code, etc)
  • Cookies

Usage of Data Collected:

The data gathered is put to use to enhance the user’s experience. It is employed to give the user the kind of content they require. Additionally, it keeps them informed and enhances the quality of services we provide. The technical issues have been resolved, enabling users to contact us with any complaints they may have about our services.


We take consent from our clients and users to use their information for any other reason. Our clients have the right to decline or give permission for their information to be used by the clinic and our website.

Information Disclosure:

The database of the clinic is secured and it is made sure that our user’s and clients’ information is not shared or disclosed to a third party. Even if we are to do so, the individual’s consent is first taken. There is however an exception to this, which is in the case the government needs the information due to legal proceedings or security, the clinic will have to disclose the information.  


The customers must be over the age of 18, as it is the legal age of majority and the ability to make decisions. Due to this, we do not knowingly collect personal information from those under the age of 18.

The website and the clinic completely adhere to the law, which helps to provide users and clients with secure and high-quality services. The clinic also complies with all data privacy laws.

Market Research:

We do this to enhance both the user experience and our services. Working with outside parties is typically how this is accomplished. Online focus groups, email invitations, and pop-up surveys are used to conduct the study. Information about the user may be requested and used for measurement and research. To participate in market research surveys, users must be older than 18 years old.

Data Update:

We make sure that the data provided on the website is updated regularly. This is because with time the trends changes and new technologies and methods are introduced. The information provided by the users is also updated on regular basis.