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Registered dietitians that concentrate on working in clinical situations are known as clinical dietitians. The major responsibility of a Clinical Dietitian in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia is creating dietary plans that will help individuals improve or enhance their quality of life. They are frequently at the heart of exchanges between the professionals of the clinic where care is provided, the doctor, and the patient. To guarantee that patients’ needs are satisfied, they offer patient interaction, counseling, and education.

What is the Work of a Clinical Dietician?

  • Follow or participate in the most recent studies in diet and health science.
  • Help enhance wellness by communicating to individuals about food, nourishment, and the connection between healthy eating habits and avoiding or treating illnesses 
  • keep track of patients’ development
  • Create teaching resources on making wholesome dietary decisions.
  • Discuss nutrition-related topics and appropriate dietary practices with clients.
  • Analyze the dietary and medical demands of the individuals.


By changing their food and eating habits, the consultation with a dietitian will assist people in dealing with extra weight and other potentially fatal illnesses. They assist you in forming healthy habits and a better relationship with food helping them improve their lifestyle.


Certain advantages can be experienced after consulting the dietician:

  • They help to select an appropriate, wholesome, scientifically proper nutrition that keeps the individual healthy and gives them a sense of fullness.
  • Nutrition is used to manage heart problems, which can eventually result in minimizing the risk of heart disease, gastritis, and a propensity for constipation.
  • An individualized treatment plan created after just one consultation for the individual helps in improving the lifestyle and making the person healthy.

What are the Important Qualities of a Dietician?

All the qualities that are processed by the Clinical Dietitian in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia are mentioned below:


When providing care with addressing health and dietary difficulties as well as any associated emotions, dietitians must be compassionate and understanding.

Listening skills

Dietitians need to pay close attention to their customers’ desires and problems. They might form a team with other healthcare professionals to promote the quality of healthcare, and when creating meal plans, they must consider team members’ input.

Analytical skills

Dietitians must stay current on the most recent findings in food and nutrition science. They should analyze scientific research and convert nutritional knowledge into useful dietary recommendations.

Organizational skills

Dietitians should maintain organization because their jobs involve numerous facets. For instance, managerial dietitians must take into account their customers’ dietary requirements, the price of meals, and access to food. Dietitians and nutritionists who work for the clinic may need to set up appointments, oversee their staff, submit insurance claims, and keep patient records up to date.

Problem-solving skills

Dietitians must assess the health of their patients to select the foods that will help them feel better generally or treat a condition.

Communication skills

Dietitians must convey complex concepts in a way that non-technical people may comprehend. They must make meal plans understandable to patients, clients, and other medical personnel involved in the care of the patient.

When to Consult a Clinical Dietician?

An individual experiencing the following health problems should consult a dietician:

  • Someone who faces problems with digestion
  • A patient who lost weight due to illness and wants to put on weight again
  • A person who suffers from a disorder of eating
  • Anyone who wishes to enhance their performance in sports
  • A patient suffering from the disease HIV
  • An individual who has some sort of allergy
  • People who wish to lose the extra weight
  • Anyone who is motivated to improve their lifestyle

Insurance Coverage:

The consultation with a health professional or a doctor is usually covered by insurance companies. This is because these consultations are medically important for the patients. In the same way, consulting a clinical dietician is also covered by insurance, however, the insurance providers should be contacted to confirm the coverage.


The average cost of a consultation with a Clinical Dietitian in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia ranges from SAK 800 to SAK 9,999. The final cost varies according to the experience of the dietician and the sessions required with him.

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