Dermal Pigmentation Treatment in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia Price

Are you looking for an almost permanent treatment for unbalanced colored skin? Or do you want to reach out for the customized treatment but are not aware of it in any way? Either way, the treatment of Dermal Pigmentation Treatment In Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia is easily available for you. Most of the methods we are offering will influence cosmetic rejuvenation while treating and improving other interlinked internal dermal issues.

What is Meant by Dermal Pigmentation?

It is a dermal health complication characterized by abrupt or gradual discoloration of the skin, regardless of the cause or reason. However, it is generally caused by the unbalanced functioning and production of melanin. Moreover, several other reasons trigger the problem. On the other hand, our cosmetic and topical treatments are working efficiently to break down and manipulate the existing pigments. The nano-sized melanin present within the depth is responsible for the change in the color of the skin. 


  • Excessive exposure to the sunlight,
  • Genetically or by birth,
  • Unbalanced hormones,
  • Any external damage to the skin causing inflammation, injury, or infection within.
  • Intake of inappropriate medicines or topical applications may also result in the existing complication.


You will observe the positive influence of the treatment in one session. It will transform the complexion by balancing the natural tones of the skin. However, you are required to undergo a series of follow-up sessions to experience noticeable improvements. 

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Methods to Treat it:

Some of the effective cosmetic treatments are mentioned and explained below:

  • IPL Therapy:

One of the neoteric methods to treat excessive pigmentation is conducted with light energy. The treated site receives the pulses of light during the session, after being wrapped up and following the cautionary measures to protect the healthy portion of the skin. Despite being a precise method, it is involved in stimulating the production of collagen and paving the way for a natural and aesthetic appearance of the skin.    

  • Chemical Peels:

It is classified as a chemical procedure. During this, a special solution is applied to the epidermal layer without causing any further damage. Eventually, it will work to restore the skin’s surface. Furthermore, it will lock elasticity by increasing new collagen cells.  However, depending on the needs and expectations of the candidate, a unique combination of mild, medium, or deep peeling solution is applied.   

  • Laser Therapy:

It is categorized as one of the best and most effective methods to treat unbalanced pigmentations. This treatment also utilizes the laser light beam during the procedure. The therapy is conducted in sessions, organized according to the aesthetic needs and expectations of the treatment.      

  • Microdermabrasion:

It is a slightly invasive procedure due to the use of tiny needles involved in the session. However, these tiny incisions will help generate nano-sized components to abruptly wake up, react, and commence working due to the activeness in the blood circulation. As a result, this leads to collagen build-up while restoring the overall texture and structure of the skin.    

Dos and Don’ts to Follow:

Before the Treatment:

  • Restrain from the intake of caffeine and alcohol.
  • Avoid smoking and using other products containing tobacco.
  • Do not apply any kind of makeup on the skin before the treatment.
  • Keep your skin thoroughly cleaned.
  • Keep it moisturized and hydrated.  

After the Treatment:

  • After going through the treatment session, regularly apply serums or other topical applications prescribed by your dermatologist.
  • Make sure to follow a healthy diet and avoid processed food.
  • Use gentle cleansers to cleanse your face daily. 
  • Protect your skin from getting directly exposed to the sunlight.
  • Apply a good SPF with 50+ concentration.
  • Do not scratch, or exfoliate your skin.

Ideal Candidate:

There is not any certain spectrum defined for you to follow just to be eligible for the treatment. However, you must go through a basic dermal examination to determine the ongoing condition and design a suitable procedure plan for you.

Benefits to Look for:

  • On the whole, the texture of the treated area is improved and enhanced in terms of coloration, structure, etc.
  • Aside from treating the discoloration, the interlinked issue causing the unbalanced pigmentation is also diagnosed and treated, like Addison’s disease, skin cancer, etc.
  • Setting aside the intensity of the skin issue and the type of texture, you will experience improvements within a few sessions. 
  • In one way or another, the treatments are actively involved in enhancing the production of collagens and naturally balancing the pigmentation. 
  • Last but not least, you will restore lost self-esteem and experience a boost in confidence with a balanced and even-looking skin tone.

Rarely Encountered Side Effects:

  • The uneven discoloration of the skin,
  • Redness, 
  • Swelling or sensitivity, 
  • Itching, etc. 

Cost of this Treatment:

On a generalistic scale, the cost for Dermal Pigmentation Treatment In Riyadh & Jeddah is approximately between SAR 300 to SAR 2,000. However, depending on the number of sessions you have undergone, realistic, the final price may fluctuate from person to person. 

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