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Increasing age and childbirth can result in the loosening of labia minora i.e. the inner lip of the vagina, and also an increase in its size and skin. This may cause its shape to become irregular. This can also affect the sex life of women and make them conscious of their appearance. This can be addressed with the help of an experienced doctor. They use several techniques and methods of treatment to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the vagina. One such treatment offered by the Royal Clinic is Labia Tightening in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia. This procedure addresses the concerns of loosening of labia due to age factors or childbirth. Continue reading to know all about the treatment.

The Essence of Treatment:

The main goal of the treatment is to improve the aesthetic appearance of the vagina. The vaginal tightening tries to make the female organs smaller and more appealing. Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure used to reduce the size of the labia minora, which can be uncomfortable during physical activity like intercourse or exercise. It also helps get rid of other troubled areas.


The procedure shortens the labia minora and labia majora, two folds of skin that surround the vulva. The shape and cosmetic appeal of the genital organs are restored, the muscular tone is increased, and as a result, the quality of sexual life is improved. The results of the treatment last for a very long time.

Ideal Candidate:

The woman who wishes to improve the way their vagina appears is ideal for the treatment. However, there are certain criteria of the ideal candidates for the treatment. Women who are pregnant or suffering from some oncological disease, poor clotting of blood, HIV infection, endocrine system diseases, or any presence of sexually transmitted infections are recommended not to go for the treatment.


The initial appointment includes having a detailed dialogue between the patient and the gynecologist where the patient’s concerns and expectations are discussed. The doctor also takes a look at the medical history of the patient and examines the condition of the labia to ensure the patient is ideal for the treatment. After completing the checkup, the doctor suggests a list of possible treatment options from which they decide the most appropriate treatment according to the individual’s condition and desired results.

A customized treatment is then planned and instructions are given to the patient to prepare for the procedure.


The patient can either opt for surgical procedures or non-surgical treatment for the Labia Tightening in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia. Both the treatment options are discussed below


Consider having a labiaplasty surgery if you want to see a significant improvement in yourself but don’t mind the recovery time that comes with surgery. The gynecologist will remove extra skin tissue during the operation to remodel and reduce the size of the inner vaginal lips.

The person needs to make sure they allow time for bed rest and that they are ready to recover properly. The healing process takes 6 to 8 weeks and is characterized by 1 to 2 weeks of bed rest, followed by edema, discomfort, and bruising. Tampons, strenuous exercise, wearing tight clothing, and having intercourse are all forbidden after the surgery.


The non-operative treatments include


Clinical studies have shown that radiofrequency (RF) technology can heat and constrict vulvar tissue, which decreases the size of the labia without the need for cuts or a lot of recovery time.

Laser Treatment:

When the direct excision of extra tissue is carried out with a laser knife, the labia can be reduced using a laser. Some clinics now only use laser technology instead of conventional knife surgery.

Treatments for tissue rejuvenation and narrowing involve fractional laser systems. It allows the lasers to fire continuously, forming solid zones surrounding the damaged portions that will help them repair and regenerate.


Several guidelines are needed to be followed by the patient after the treatment to get the best results and avoid any kind of complications.

  • The treated area should be kept clean
  • Activities like swimming, exercise, and any other treatment that causes sweating should be avoided
  • The effectiveness of healing, as well as the quality of life, will both rise with the use of wound creams and vaginal ovules that produce epithelialization.
  • Waxing should be postponed for a week if it will traumatize the tissue and prevent it from recovering.
  • It’s not advised to engage in sexual activity for three days.


Labia Tightening in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia can cost between SRK 1,599 and SRK 3,999. After the initial consultation, the doctor will establish the exact cost because it depends on several things, including the required number of sessions, the type of method to be used, the clinic’s level, and location.

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