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Many people in the world modify their bodies by implanting different shapes and structures on the body tattoos are designs made by inserting different pigments inks or dyes to prominent them either permanently or temporarily these designs are made using different techniques and ideas some made tattoos using hand techniques or some by modern machines in the dermis of the skin these tattoos have some idea or concept behind it is a code of expression or element of decoration symbol of spirituality culture or pledge of love. but due to several reasons it needs to be removed the only procedure that is modern latest and highly advanced is the Picosure Tattoo Removal in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia this works using a special wavelength that helps to target the tattoo ink color blue-green and black leaving clear skin with minimum scars.


Picosure is a technology that uses short laser pulses (one trillionth of a second).

To break the pigment particles present beneath the skin with such great pressure that they shatter into minute dust particles and are eliminated from the body by the immune system making the complexion lighter. several treatment options are present like dermabrasion, electrosurgery, freezing therapy, medication, and excision but the most advanced less risky, or minimum scar-producing one is laser therapy.


Results of this technology are very immediate, permanent safe, and durable Results are accurate and precise, and complete removal needs 3 to 4 sessions for the proper result to appear.

Ideal Candidates:

Ideal candidates for this type of procedure are those;

  • Who is having good health status 
  • Have positive expectations from the procedure.
  • Those have undesiring tattoos that are irritating
  • Who are nonsmokers
  • Those who are aware of the associated complications

Pre Procedure:

It is a procedure of removing impression from a wide area of the skin so to make the procedure successful instructions should be followed;

  • You must confirm the history of any serious skin allergy
  • Clean the area with a specific cleanser to remove oil lotion etc
  • Do not apply any makeup cream lotion  waxing or topical product before going for removal
  • Use loss clothes to avoid discomfort during the procedure
  • Take complete rest and use healthy food items before tattoo removal
  • Take plenty of water to keep you hydrated
  • Stop using any photosensitized medication before treatment
  • You must not be pregnant for this procedure
  • Avoid sun exposure 2 weeks before treatment 
  • Use sunscreen continuously for two weeks before treatment


Picosure laser removal is an advanced technological phenomenon in which a special wavelength of light (one trillionth in a second length) is used to break the pigmented tattoo it gives more precise or accurate results Procedures include;

  • The procedure starts with numbing the tattoo surface using a topical anesthetic  cream 
  • The surface area to be treated is cleaned using a nonalcoholic cleanser
  • Using a laser beam specific wavelength of  of light is focused on the area treated 
  • This beam generates heat which breaks apart pigmented ink particles
  • Which can be easily removed by the immune system 
  • The depth of the tattoo will decide the number of sessions required to completely remove the tattoo


Aftercare included;

  • Avoid sun exposure for several weeks
  • In case of swelling use ice packs 
  • Use sunscreen while going outside
  • Keep skin clean and dry 
  • Do not apply makeup cream lotion or topical products for some time
  • Moisturize the skin daily
  • Do not go for exercise 
  • Use prescribed medication in case of pain 
  • Wear loose dresses for comfort


It is the most Advanced technique for removing pigmented tattoos it offers a wide range of benefits including;

  • It is the fastest technique ever among the other
  • It is safe and permanent
  • It is long-lasting and doesn’t carry much discomfort
  • This pico laser is effective for all men and women and for all kinds of skin texture
  • This pico laser is effective against all kinds of pigments and dyes
  • It encounters both permanent and temporary tattoos
  • It allows for the lightening of specific tattoo areas without affecting the surrounding skin


Very little risk associated with this laser technology;

  • Redness
  • Bruising 
  • Swelling


The cost of the procedure depends upon the number of sessions attended, the surface area of the tattoo, the time required to get the complete results, the technology used, the hospital location, and the expertise of the care provider.

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