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Different wavelength of light are used nowadays for the betterment of skin tone and texture some treat superficial issues and some goes deeper to treat mild to severe symptoms of skin aging it undergoes a lot of damage which sometimes does not go their own the most frequently occurring issues are acne fine lines wrinkle formation sun damage or pigmentation together all make the skin so dull or dry until the treatment is not given some treatments works immediately in restoring the list skin tone but sometimes the symptom remains same to encounter  those damages a well advance effective and latest techniques have been introduced which fight against all issues combinedly known as LED Light Therapy in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia involve in promoting anti-aging effect inflammation scars eczema dermatitis or acne spot.


It is a noninvasive or nonsurgical treatment for removing aging sign that encounters multiple skin issues with great strength specialty wrinkles or acne spot there are two types of it Blue LED light and red LED light they can be used either separately or in combination working of both are different because they are active at different wavelength like

  • Blue light mostly works against certain bacteria it acts as anti-inflammatory or antibacterial support it acts superficially and does not go deeper into the skin
  • The red light goes very deep in the skin responsible for enhancing regeneration with the help of collagen production a protein responsible for making you look younger and healthier


The Results of this technology are amazingly drastic, immediate, and astonishing. It helps you get the desired effect with less recovery time and the results are safe, permanent, and long-lasting.

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Ideal Candidates:

It is for both men and women it helps to get rid of many skin issues in one procedure by taking multiple sessions ideal candidates included;

  • All those people who are having good health status
  • People with eczema dermatitis psoriasis are the best candidates 
  • Those having aging lines wrinkling acne scars sun spots sun damage open pores and skin discoloration are considered suitable
  • Those having a dead skin layer dry or dead skin tone and nonelastic texture are also best for the treatment

Pre Procedure:

This is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure conducted under proper guidelines pre-procedure details included;

  • A person must not have a history of any serious skin allergy
  • A person is not sensitive to radiation
  • Don’t come with makeup
  • Keep applying sunscreen 2 weeks before the procedure
  • Take plenty of water to keep you hydrated
  • It should be finalized by the doctor which wavelength of light will suit you the most according to the severity of the symptoms
  • Before the procedure, your face must be clean and free of topical products or sweat.


The procedure involves the following details included;

  • Clean your face appropriately 
  • Rinse out all the makeup
  • Put on  goggles to keep your eyes safe 
  • Lie yourself on the bed in a straight direction so the practitioner will place an LED light above your face 
  • He will keep the device around 25 minutes above your face so keep your body in the same position 
  • Office LED light has more strength as compared to home LED light


Aftercare must be taken to make the procedure successful;

  • Avoid sun exposure for several days
  • Do not apply makeup topical creams or serums
  • Do not go for facial cleansing or massage
  • Apply sunscreen for several days 
  • Keep skin clean and dry 
  • Use a lot of water to keep your skin hydrated


It offers a lot of benefits;

  • This technology is capable of treating acne spots
  • It also helps to remove wrinkles and fine linings
  • It is active against certain pigmentation
  • It is helpful in rejuvenating skin by reducing the sign of skin damage
  • It helps to activate fibroblast which is involved in the healing process
  • It activates collagen which is responsible for the regeneration of cell structure
  • It is a painless and durable procedure
  • It adds volume and restores stability
  • This technique gives the best result in reducing aging signs and gives a permanent result with less recovery time
  • It helps to reduce eczema psoriasis dermatitis acne scars etc


Very minimum risks are associated like;

  • Bruising 
  • Redness 
  • Infection


The cost of the procedure always varies depending upon the length of the treatment severity of the symptoms tools and equipment involved in the procedure expertise of the doctors and the location of the hospital.

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