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There are certain factors involve in hyper pigmentation including sun exposure ,aging ,hormonal imbalance,or melanin production the most common cause of scar formation is sun exposure dun spot ir scar appears in skin hands or face which are directly exposed to sun these spots becomes large patches known as hyperpigmentation and this hyperpigmentation leads to a condition known as melasma in this extra melanin is produced in the body which makes the whole skin darker certain other factors kike post inflammatory hyperpigmentation when due to any accidentak unjury or traumetic injury wound get heal and left discolured portion of skin behind .melanin act as a natural supporter to protect as a sun screen from allergens or pollutants but extra exposure to skin leads to the increase production of melanin which results in hyperpigmentation these all issues are best encountered by the the help if laser technology known as Enlighten Pico Genesis in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia this procefure involves the removal of dead skin layer and replacement if it with newly formed layer.


It is an advanced method designed to approach critical skin issues like hyperpigmentation and sunspot scar formation non invasively this technique was found helpful in shattering dead pigmented layers by initiating collagen formation and exchange of dead later with new ones without affecting the surrounding skin cells giving skin tone or more uniform skin complexion. this treatment utilizes specific wavelengths of light that act as nonthermal photomechanical laser energy to treat melasma which is a condition of large pigmented patches of skin.


The results of this advanced technology are remarkably outstanding because the fastest-acting rejuvenating bio-vitalizing treatment effective against pigmentation results appear 2 to 3 weeks after the treatment.

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Ideal Candidate:

Ideal candidates for this procedure include;

  • All those people who have sunburn sunspots
  • People with melasma and hyperpigmentation issues
  • People who are not getting results from any skin rejuvenation procedure 
  • It is usually suitable for all skin types
  • People with acne spots and scars are also good candidates

Pre Procedure:

It is a non-invasive procedure accurate handling with laser technology is needed to make it successful early preparation includes;

  • Do not use any medications including anti-inflammatory drugs or blood thinner 
  • Do not smoke before treatment
  • Done shaving because overgrowth of hair can cause skin burning
  • Use antiviral medicines in case of having herpes simplex viral infection
  • Clean mouth with special cleanser before procedure
  • Do not come with makeup or lotion 


It is an ideal procedure for the skin neck and those parts which have noticeable sun damage. the procedure included the following steps;

  • Anesthesia is not required in this procedure
  • A person must have worn some eyewear to protect his eyes from sensitive laser light beams
  • Once the person is laid down comfortably in bed 
  • Then the practitioner brings the patient closer to the  laser handpiece to deliver the light of a specific wavelength to the targeted area
  • This procedure is not harmful or pain-producing
  • Some patients feel a sensation or little heat 
  • It takes around 45 min to complete the procedure.


Aftercare must be taken because it is a sensitive procedure aftercare includes;

  • In case of swelling use sunscreen to protect the treated area
  • Do not go in the sun avoid sun exposure
  • Apply cleanser and use a special moisturizer to nourish the skin
  • Take a healthy diet and use plenty of water to keep you hydrated
  • In case of severe burning use ice packs to cool the area treated 
  • Use antibiotics in case of pain or discomfort
  • Do not use oil-based lotions


It offers several benefits;

  • It helps to rejuvenate the skin
  • It protects from sun damage sunspot
  • It helps to revitalize the skin tone and texture
  • It reduces the damage that appears through hyperpigmentation
  • It protects from melasma
  • It helps to tighten smooth and restore skin elasticity
  • It removes dryness or dullness of skin issues
  • It is an ideal treatment for reducing signs of aging wrinkle formation or lining formation
  • It makes you look attractive young and youthful
  • It increases self-confidence 


Minimum risks are associated like;

  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Inflammation


The cost of the procedure varies depending upon the extent of complexity or severity of the symptoms and the time taken by the procedure to give successful results; it also depends upon the geographical location of the hospital and knowledge of the expertise dealing with the procedure.

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