Ear Reshaping Surgery in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia - Ear Surgery Otoplasty

The ear plays a significant role in balancing the overall appearance of an individual personality’s size shape and structural expression to build the self-esteem of a person while communicating and talking in public several problems are related to the ear structure and shape and all these can be encountered through a revolutionary phenomenon introduced recently know as Ear Reshaping in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia this involves the reshaping or restoration of normal characteristic features of the ear, this phenomena also address the problem of ear lost during any injury or due to any congenital cause so as a whole it involves in making the ear look appropriate whether it is short, long, curved, injured or lost ear.


The ear isn’t functionally involved in listening only but it provides symmetry and balance to the face as well, ear reshaping is also known as otoplasty or oto surgery in which doctors bring changes in shape size, and ear position this ear reshaping treatment also works best in following conditions like:

  • Bigger ear size than normal
  • Very tiny ears than normal
  • Spherical curved or looped ears
  • Larger ear with extended lop
  • Curved or skin-folded ear with a big head
  • Eae shell with lop ear folding


The result depends upon the kind of severity but results are often immediate and permanent complete results can be achieved 2 months after the treatment follows.

Ideal Candidate:

People of all ages group can be considered suitable for ear reshaping but the most preferable candidates are:

  • Children age 4 to 14
  • Most people with larger ears than normal
  • People who lost their ear in an injury or accident
  • Those who have only one ear 
  • People with one ear large and one is small
  • Those who are dedicated to surgery and expect positive and perfect outcomes 

Pre Procedure:

Pre-procedures always have the same instruction and impact like:

  • Check out your ear condition 
  • Make sure about your medical history 
  • Don’t take aspirin or blood thinning tablets before the procedure
  • Avoid smoking before the surgery
  • Lab evaluation and test confirmation are very necessary to check whether the person is eligible for the procedure or not.


This is an invasive and surgical procedure that needs admission and strict instructions like other surgeries that are:

  • The patient is given anesthesia to numb the area 
  • Surgical procedure depends on the kind of otoplasty you needed
  • There are usually three types of otoplasty according to the sign and condition of the patient
  • Ear reduction, in this type of reshaping we reduce larger size ears to smaller size
  • Ear pinning, in this type of reshaping ear brings closer to the head
  • Ear augmentation, in this type of reshaping mostly those people who have small tiny ears or whose ears are not developed completely
  • A small cut or incision is made at the back of your ear
  • Which is further followed by the removal of ear tissues
  • Further the reshaping of ears is done according to the needs of the patient
  • Then incision is closed with the help of stitches 
  • This surgery almost three hours
  • Your doctor will cover your ear with the help of a bandage 

After Care:

Aftercare of otoplasty is very much important it includes:

  • Do not touch your ear
  • Do not take a bath for some days 
  • Prevent your ear from water
  • Do not wear clothes that are difficult to pass down from the head
  • Your sleeping position is such that you don’t apply pressure on your ear while taking sleep 
  • Do not mistakenly scratch the area treated


It offers meaningful benefits like:

  • Reshaping of curved and protruded ears
  • Larger ears are better encountered 
  • Lop issues with skin ear folds can be best encountered by otoplasty
  • It is a safe effective and permanent procedure
  • Symmetry and balance between both ears can be maintained
  • Build up self-confidence
  • Enhanced self-esteem
  • It prevents social anxiety as well
  • It provides a better physical appearance with defined symmetry proportional to the facial feature 
  • It addresses patients with only one ear by implanting an artificial second ear to balance the face 


There are very few side effects related to otoplasty like:

  • Bruising
  • Fever
  • Redness 
  • Swelling and infection 


The cost of the procedure varies from 10,000 AED to 14000 AED or it also depends on clinic location, kind of surgery, preferred availability of proper tools, and expertise of Sargon performing the procedure.

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