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Now with the advancements in technology, you can make your sex life better. Females who are facing deficiency of sexual sensation. With these circumstances, it will affect your personal life. Your whole life will be disturbed. But now your issue can be solved. For this purpose, our Royal Clinic offers G-shots in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia. Females who have any problem in their vagina will no more face these problems. They can continue their sex life normally. You will achieve incredible climax with these advanced techniques. You will get amazing results in a few sessions. They are highly prescribed by the doctors. If you want sexual satisfaction then it is a perfect opportunity to avail yourself. Read more details about it given below.

What are G-shots?

G-shot is also known as Grafenberg spot. This G-shot is a region in the vagina near the urethra. This area plays a vital role in the ladies’ climax. With this G-shot treatment, females can achieve good sexual satisfaction. In this treatment, females can get strong sex arousal. G-shot is an area in the females that is important for sexual sensation. The specialist will infuse a special filler into the G-spot. 

Procedure During the Treatment:

This process is quite easy. You don’t need more effort as compared to surgery. There are some major steps involved during the treatment. The doctors suggest you stop smoking one week before treatment. In some cases, you are given anesthesia to numb the area. Then the doctor will inject hyaluronan filler into the G-spot. These fillers increase the size of it and help in many other functions. After utilizing the filler a tampon will be put into the vagina to protect from bleeding. This whole procedure took only 15 to 20 minutes. This tampon should be removed after 4 hours. A  candidate will prescribed to continue her sex life just after G-spot or you can have sex on the same day.

What Are the Expected Results?

This treatment is highly prescribed by doctors because it is very effective for a female. After some sessions, candidates can feel the change in themselves. They achieve good sex with their partner, which greatly affects their emotional and physical health. It is stated that 70 percent of ladies benefit from this procedure. The results also vary from person to person. Everyone has their body characteristics. So they get different results after some sessions.

Aim of G-shot:

Every treatment has its purpose. G-spot has some purposes to perform. They are given below:

  • This treatment makes you have sex that satisfies you.
  • Make your sexual arousal strong.
  • A candidate will enjoy an excellent vaginal climax.

Advantages of This Treatment:

Our Royal Clinic provides G-shots in Riyadh for ladies who want to have a satisfactory sex life. This treatment has a lot of benefits. Some of them are given below:

  • With this treatment, the G-spot will increase in size and do its work more properly.
  • This treatment is free of pain.
  • This procedure is more secure and effective than a surgical procedure.
  • You will encounter satisfactory sex with your partner.
  • The treatment will make your sex arousal strong with more pleasure.
  • A candidate will lead a peaceful life without such problems.

Important Instructions You Should Follow:

There are always some major tips to follow. We always provide our patients with the best guides that they need for their quick recovery. Read the important instructions given below before undergoing the treatment. 

  • Avoid smoking before one week of the treatment.
  • You should follow all the given instructions that are prescribed by your doctor.
  • A candidate should have a pre-session with the doctor before her treatment.
  • Inform the doctor about all the issues you are facing in your personal life.
  • In this treatment there are not as many instructions only you have to take them all the required sessions.

Recovery Time:

You will recover within 4 months. The results you get are wonderful beyond your expectations. You can come back to your normal routine after 4 hours when the bleeding stops. A candidate also has sex after four hours of the procedure. You should continue these sessions after 4 months. There is typically no downtime for this treatment. Some patients do not suit G-shot. It widely depends on the patient’s body characteristics. All you need to have is show some patience and wait for the results.

A perfect candidate who can avail this opportunity:

Our Royal Clinic offers G-shots in Riyadh for people who want to have a healthy sex life. There are some limits to follow for this offer.

  • Females who want to upgrade their sexual satisfaction.
  • If a candidate loses her sexual sensation during sex.
  • You do not feel any excitement or pleasure as you feel before.
  • Candidates who face vaginal climax.
  • Ladies who want to get rid of these problems.
  • If you have good reviews about this only then you should go for this treatment.

Charges of the Therapy:

The cost of G-Shot Treatment In Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia can vary depending on some factors such as the clinic or medical faculty you select, and the experience of the physicians. On average, the charges of this process range from AED 3,000 to AED 6,000. 

However, the actual cost can only be told by visiting an expert physician.

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