Intending to become one of the greatest cosmetic clinics in the world, the Enfield Royal Clinic opened its doors in 2011. The clinic has managed to rank among the top in the UAE because of the high quality of the treatments offered and the team, which includes renowned surgeons, dermatologists, and dentists. We have treated many patients for more than ten years, which qualifies us to address any type of patient issue and treat their conditions in a way that leaves them pleased and satisfied with the results.

Mission Statement:

At the Royal Clinic, it is our goal to foster a culture of professionalism, individuality, and superior medical and cosmetic care.

Our Vision:

The Enfield Royal Clinic’s mission is to meet the medical and aesthetic requirements of its patients and clients. Through surgical and non-surgical procedures, customers are enabled to address their concerns and enhance or improve their looks as desired.

What Treatments do we Offer?

Several medical and aesthetic services are offered at the clinic. These ranges from cosmetic surgeries to dental treatments and then to treatments for congenital anomalies. Qualified and experienced professionals in their respective fields provide the finest treatments. The following treatments are offered at the clinic:

  • Plastic surgeries
  • Breast surgeries
  • Laser treatments
  • Dentistry
  • Skincare
  • Cosmetic injectables
  • Hair Transplant
  • Weight loss

Our Beliefs:

Our patients are given top priority due to our patient-centric strategy. We work hard to give our clients the greatest treatments and take care of any aesthetic issues they might have including medical concerns as well. To ensure that clients have a safe experience, the Covid-19 action plan is closely adhered to and all safety measures are strictly followed.

Clients first:

The comfort, safety, and privacy of our clients are our top priority


We strive to provide the greatest care while being up-to-date with the training and education of our staff, doctors, and surgeons.


We make sure that each client is dealt with with the utmost dignity, respect, and honesty that they deserve.


We ensure that professionalism is maintained by conducting ourselves in the best possible manner with high standards

Patient Value:

  • The patients are given respect and care that they deserve
  • They are provided with detailed information about the treatments
  • They are given full appropriate medical advice
  • The patient’s decision and choice are respected
  • A detailed diagnosis is carried out before providing all possible treatment options
  • Treatments are customized according to the patient’s condition and desired results
  • The patient’s privacy is respected and not provided to a third party
  • Care is given in an environment free from physical, mental, sexual, and verbal abuse as well as from neglect, exploitation, and harassment.

Financial Offers:

The clinic gives clients special funding options so they can receive treatments on schedule. This provides patients time to make plans for the cost of extensive procedures or therapies. The application process is simple and only requires the completion of a form. Fill out the form below for a free consultation with our experts to receive complete information about the clinic’s financial offerings.