Birthmark Removal Treatment in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia Cost

People have different types of birthmarks which may develop before or after the birth. The birthmarks can be red, brown, or grey in colour. If your birthmarks are lowering your self-confidence and affecting your appearance then you can give a try to Birthmark Removal Treatment in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia. Among all the treatments we usually prefer laser treatment as it is a non-surgical and painless procedure. Birthmarks usually are benign in nature and do not cause damage to the surrounding tissues. But the treatment is necessary if the birthmark is growing with time.

Different Types of Birthmarks:

There are two main types of birthmarks:

  • Vascular Birthmarks

This type of birthmark is usually red or pink in colour. They are formed due to irregular patterns in blood vessels like capillaries or lymph vessels. Examples of vascular birthmarks are salmon patches and port wine stains.

  • Pigmented Birthmarks

When the melanocytes form clumps together they form pigmented marks. These marks are usually brown or black in colour. Congenital moles and Mongolian moles are the types of pigmented birthmarks.

Candidacy Criteria for the Treatment:

Birthmarks can be removed due to medical or cosmetic reasons. Anyone can go for the treatment but first, the skin expert will examine your birthmark and will determine the type of birthmark, and will ask about your medical history. After that, he will tell you if the treatment is beneficial for you or not. You are an ideal candidate for the Birthmark removal treatment if:

  • You do not want a surgical procedure
  • You are embarrassed about your birthmarks
  • Your birthmark is spreading with time
  • You want a painless treatment 
  • You do not have any serious medical condition
  • You are overall a healthy person

When You Will See the Results of the Treatment?

You will start noticing the results within the month of the treatment. The results also depend on the type of birthmark. To get the desired outcomes you must discuss your goal with the skin care expert so that he will suggest you the required number of sessions. You must go for follow-up appointments to get rid of birthmarks permanently.

Preparation Before the Treatment:

The skin care expert will examine your skin and will give you pre-procedural instructions according to it. You must discuss your medical history with the doctor so that he chooses the treatment type according to it. Before 1 week of the Birthmark Removal Treatment in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia, you must stop taking blood thinners or any certain medication. If some medication is necessary then must inform the doctor about it. You should not use any cosmetic product before coming for the treatment. It is best not to shave the area as it can cause allergic reactions.

Laser Treatment:

The best treatment for birthmark removal is Laser Treatment. It is a non-invasive procedure so it is high in demand. The skin expert first cleanses the targeted area and then applies numbing cream. After that, he directs the laser light toward the treatment site. The laser light will penetrate the deeper layer of the skin. The laser light will break the pigment and that will be eliminated by the body naturally by the lymphatic system. 

Other Treatment Techniques:

Some other treatment options are also available at Royal Clinic if you do not want to undergo laser treatment. But it is best to discuss it with your skincare expert. Some of the treatment techniques are discussed below:

  • Medications:

Medicines are suggested by the dermatologist if you do not want to undergo laser treatment. The results of medicines are not permanent as they will only lighten the birthmarks. And the outcome only lasts when you take the medications continuously. 

  • Surgical Removal:

In the surgical procedure, the birthmark is removed directly from the skin surface. The whole procedure is painless as it is performed under topical anaesthesia. The surgery is performed if the birthmark has not faded away from the laser treatment. The surgery can also result in scarring if an unskilled doctor performs the procedure.

Recovery Time:

The recovery time depends on the type of treatment selected. In the case of laser treatment, it only requires a week to recover and you can return to your life activities right after the treatment. In the case of a surgical procedure, it may take more than one week. You may feel redness and swelling after getting the treatment. But it is temporary and will fade away in a few days. During the recovery time period, you should take proper care of the treatment area to avoid any allergic reaction.


The cost of Birthmark Removal Treatment in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia is different for everyone. The price varies because it depends on some factors such as the number of sessions, treatment area size, dermatologist fees, and location of the clinic. Want to know the exact cost then consult our team.

Final Thoughts!

If you are having a birthmark and you want to get rid of it then you must go for the treatment. After getting rid of it your confidence will boost up if it is affecting your appearance. You can book a consultation with us by filling out the form and our team will guide you further. If you have any other query related to laser treatment then contact us freely.