Laser Liposuction in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia Price & Cost

Do you struggle with dietary restrictions and exercise-resistant fat? Do you want a solution that would enable you to acquire the figure you desire? Are you self-conscious about the way your physique appears? If so, we can provide you with the best solution! Localized fat deposits are a common problem for many people, and dealing with them can be stressful and disappointing. Thankfully, Laser Liposuction in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia provides a secure and efficient answer to this universal problem. This cosmetic surgery may efficiently eliminate excess fat and mold your physique to your ideal shape by applying cutting-edge laser technology.

The Main Essence of Treatment:

The treatment’s main aim is the removal of excess fat deposits from specific areas of the body, including the abdomen, arms, and thighs. The treatment aims to enhance the overall contour of the body and create a more toned appearance. It is not intended as a weight loss solution, but rather as a method for refining and sculpting the body to achieve a desired aesthetic outcome.


Within a few weeks of the therapy, patients can begin to see visible results, with final outcomes appearing within several months. The treatment effectively enhances the body contour and reduces stubborn fat deposits, resulting in a more toned and slimmed appearance. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and engaging in regular exercise can help ensure the long-term success of the procedure.

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Pros of the Treatment:

  • The procedure is minimally invasive compared to traditional fat removal techniques.
  • Minimal scarring is a benefit of the treatment.
  • Patients experience a quicker recovery time than with traditional fat removal procedures.
  • The treatment can be used to target localized areas of the body.
  • The heat generated during the procedure can stimulate collagen production, resulting in smoother skin.
  • Patients can undergo treatment with local anesthesia, reducing the risks associated with general anesthesia.  

Ideal Candidates:

Potential candidates for the therapy are individuals with localized fat deposits in specific areas of their body that are difficult to remove with exercise and dieting. They should be in good health overall, with a stable weight and a realistic understanding of what the procedure can achieve. Patients with significant health conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, or autoimmune disorders, may not be suitable for the treatment. It is also recommended to avoid the procedure if pregnant, breastfeeding, or recently undergone surgery.

How Does it Work?

Laser Liposuction in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia works by using a laser fiber to deliver thermal energy directly to the targeted fat cells, causing them to liquefy and be eliminated through the body’s natural processes. This process is also known as laser-assisted lipolysis or laser lipolysis. The heat generated by the laser also promotes collagen production, which helps to tighten the skin in the treated area, resulting in a smoother and more toned appearance.


Before the treatment, a consultation with a plastic surgeon is necessary. During this meeting, the surgeon will evaluate the patient’s medical history, current medications, and overall health to determine if the patient is suitable for the procedure. The surgeon will also discuss the patient’s expectations and goals for the treatment and explain the possible risks and benefits involved. To prepare for the surgery, the patient may be advised to discontinue certain medications that could increase the risk of bleeding, quit smoking, and avoid specific foods and supplements that may affect healing.

Additionally, the patient may be encouraged to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine, and stay hydrated in the days leading up to the procedure. The surgeon will provide detailed instructions on what to wear and when to refrain from eating or drinking before the surgery.


  • The patient is marked before the treatment to indicate the locations from which fat will be taken.
  • Then, a local anesthetic is administered to the patient to numb the area.
  • A tiny cannula is introduced through a surgical incision made after the skin has been slightly incised.
  • Through the catheter, a laser fiber is introduced, and a laser pulse is delivered to the desired fat cells. The fatty tissues are heated and rendered liquefiable by laser radiation, making them simpler to remove.
  • With a surgical suction or needle, the body’s liquid fat is suctioned out.
  • The laser energy also encourages the skin to produce collagen, which can tighten the skin and give it a finer, more contoured appearance.
  • The incision is stitched or sealed with medical glue after the surgery. The treatment area is covered by a compressive garment to help with edema control and recovery.
  • To make sure that there are no problems from the treatment, the individual is monitored over for a brief amount of time. The person is then permitted to return home and is given instructions on how to take care of the treatment area during the healing process.


The doctor will give the individual post-operative aftercare following the surgery. These recommendations can include using painkillers, avoiding strenuous activities, using compression garments, and maintaining a clean surgical site. Also, the physician will arrange follow-up visits to keep tabs on the individual’s recovery. The length of time needed to heal following the surgery is based on how extensive the treatment was and how each patient’s body reacts. Normal recovery times for patients range from a few days to a week, however, it often takes longer for the edema to completely go down and for the effects to show. For the greatest results, it’s crucial to carefully adhere to the surgeon’s aftercare instructions during the healing phase, which could last several months.


The cost of Laser Liposuction in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia can vary significantly depending on various factors, such as the geographical location of the clinic, the level of expertise of the surgeon, and the extent of treatment required. Typically, the procedure can cost anywhere from SAR __ to SAR __. If you want an accurate price quote based on individual needs and goals, it is advisable to consult an experienced surgeon. It is also important to note that some insurance plans may cover the cost of the procedure if deemed medically necessary. Therefore, before the treatment, you should also talk with your insurance provider.

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