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Ear lobes are the lower fleshy part of our ear. It drops down and becomes saggy due to increasing age because aging is responsible for losing elasticity, firmness, or tightness of muscles. Due to less elasticity loss of volume deflated tissue of ear lobes look impressive, This is problematic from a cosmetic point of view because if you have torn or split ear lobes or the size or shape of your lobes are not perfect then you cannot wear earrings or jewelry for either reason cosmetic or functional the ear can be resized or reshaped only by the help of a special surgical procedure known as Earlobe Correction Surgery in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia this is a very minor cosmetic procedure involved in reshaping or resizing the torn or split ears and help the restoration of ear symmetry back to its position so that cosmetic issue can also be encountered through this surgical procedure.


This surgical procedure is also known as labioplasty it generally involves the reshaping of torn or split ears the doctor will extend the split earlobes downward to make the ear completely closed then the splits are combined with the help of sutures. this is a minor outpatient surgery that does not need a long stay at the hospital this surgical treatment does not restore torn or split ears but is also helpful in resolving the issue that arises due to an accident or traumatic injury to restore the physical appearance of the ear.


The result of this procedure is safe, long, and effective. The result depends upon the extent to which lobes are split. this surgery gives immediate and permanent results.

Ideal Candidate:

Ideal candidates for earlobe correction surgery are considered to be those who:

  • Already have good health status and do not have any serious medical complications
  • Those having stretched torn or split earlobes 
  • Have a good and positive approach and expectations from procedure results and recovery

Pre Procedure:

Pre-operative care for this minor surgical procedure included.

  • Do not use herbal or home medicine or also stop using anti-inflammatory drugs or blood thinners because they may affect the healing process
  • Do not smoke 2 weeks before surgery
  • Do not come with makeup 
  • Do not eat any food item the night before the surgery
  • Get your lab evaluation done to check the history of allergy as a result of any previous surgery

Procedure :

This is a repairing procedure that does not need a long stay it includes the following step:

  • The procedure starts with the administration of local anesthesia to the patient to make it numb
  • The surgeon will extend the split ear lobes downward 
  • He will then with the help of sutures try to close the extended splits with the sutures
  • The bandage is applied to prevent infection
  • It takes 3 to 4 weeks to get cured completely 


Post-operative instructions included:

  • Do not go home driving yourself
  • Do not touch or rub your hand on the area treated
  • Avoid sun baths or sun exposure
  • Do not apply topical cream
  • Do not go for facial cleansing or massage
  • Take plenty of water to keep you hydrated
  • Take a healthy and balanced diet for faster recovery
  • Follow up on the prescribed medication plan to avoid pain or discomfort
  • Avoid doing harsh exercise or swimming
  • Do not lift heavy things


It is a minor surgical attempt but has a lot of significant outcomes included:

  • It restores or stable the ear structure to wear jewelry 
  • It increases confidence in physical appearance
  • It repairs congenital ear split defects or any deformity due to traumatic injury
  • It enhances the ear appearance and makes you look young good and attractive
  • Help to lift the saggy and deflated ear skin to make it capable of piercing and to wear jewelry of your choice
  • It is safe and permanent
  • It is a painless procedure


The risks of the surgery are minimal including:

  • Bruising 
  • Swelling 
  • Infection at the wound site


It depends upon many factors like severity or complexity of individual time spent to carry the operation location of the hospital and availability of modern tools and equipment.

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