Freckles and Blemishes Removal in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia Cost

Freckles and dark blemishes on the skin are always unwanted markings. These are small pigments that appear on the outer layer of the skin. An increase in the level of melanin beneath the skin’s surface leads to pigmentation. This may be caused by lengthy exposure to sunlight or any other skin condition. Normally, people rely on cosmetic products to treat them but those remedies rarely work. in this regard, laser treatment helps us achieve effective and long-lasting results. Continue reading to get to know about the Freckles and Blemishes Removal in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia.

Aim of the Treatment:

The primary goal of this treatment is to deal with the issue of freckles and dark blemishes in a way that’s effective and permanent. the desired effect is to target the source of pigmentation so that it doesn’t reappear.


Right after the procedure, freckles tend to get darker and the dark spots start to fall off after a few days of the treatment along with the dead skin cells. The treated part of the skin needs great care as the exposure to sunlight can lead to the reappearance of freckles and dark spots.

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Best freckles-and-blemishes in Saudi Arabia freckles-and-blemishes in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia Best freckles-and-blemishes in Riyadh & Saudi Arabia


Laser-based treatment of freckles and dark blemishes is relatively beneficial for various reasons. these include:

  • The procedure is short and quick and doesn’t involve many complications,
  • The downtime is very short and you can start your normal life after a few days,
  • The results produced are very effective and long-lasting and
  • The treatment is relatively economical as compared to other procedures.

Ideal candidate:

if you have dark spots or freckles on your skin and your skin is not tanned you’re a potential candidate for the treatment. In some cases, if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, you may not be advised to undergo this treatment. During the initial consultation with an experienced dermatologist, the doctor determines the individual’s eligibility.

How does it work?

Laser treatment for Freckles and Blemishes Removal in Riyadh, Jeddah & Saudi Arabia targets melanin inside the outer surface of the skin. Mainly, it works by absorbing melanin inside the freckles or dark spots. It attempts to remove melanin by dismantling the pigments of melanin. Freckles with broken melanin will exfoliate themselves naturally leaving behind clean and clear skin.

Pre-care Instructions:

During the first consultation, the doctor discusses with the patient the problem area and their expectation from the treatment. Then the medical history and current condition of the patient are reviewed to check the individual’s eligibility for the treatment. According to the skin, the dermatologist then plans the treatment and the sessions required to get the desired results. to prepare the individual for the laser, a list of guidelines is provided to be followed. These include

  • Avoiding the use of chemicals and creams on the region being treated weeks before the treatment
  • Testing to make ensure that the pigment on the skin is freckles
  • Protecting the skin from the sun as sunburnt skin cannot undergo treatment
  • The doctor recommends the use of a good sunscreen that has a high SPF

Technique Adopted by Dermatologists:

The best treatment option to get rid of the pigmentation on the skin is laser treatment. The following steps are carried out for the procedure

  • The skin is first properly disinfected and cleaned
  • A numbing ointment is applied to minimize any pain or discomfort
  • A laser device is used that emits the laser light directly on the pigmented area
  • The melanin is broken down which is then eliminated naturally
  • In the end, an ointment is applied and a cooling compress or ice pack is given to soothe the treated region


These guidelines and other instructions provided by the dermatologist should be strictly followed to get the desired results and pace up the recovery process

  • Skin should be protected from skin at all times
  • High SPF sunscreen should be applied to the skin
  • A cold compress or ice package should be used to soothe the treated area
  • No other cosmetic treatment should be carried out until recovery is complete
  • Chemical-containing products should not be applied
  • The skin should not be waxed

Side Effects:

Right after the treatment, the recipient may feel discomfort in the treated region. The region is also sensitive and inflamed for a couple of days after the procedure. There is some risk of complications if the recipient does not follow the aftercare guidelines provided by the dermatologist.

How Many Sessions Are Required for the Treatment?

The total sessions required for the desired results vary from person to person. It depends on the current condition of the skin and how well the person’s skin responds to the treatment. It is determined by the dermatologist after the first consultation.

Cost of the Treatment:

The total cost of Freckles and Blemishes Removal in Riyadh and Saudi Arabia range from SAR 1,000 to SAR 2,000. The final cost varies from individual to individual as it depends on the technique used and the type of laser device used. Other factors affect the cost that is all considered by the dermatologist when deciding the total cost.

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